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DC Comics Super Sons Save the Day With XM Studios
In 2017, the world of DC Comics was introduced to the dynamic duo of the Super Sons This team was a partnership between Superman's son Johnathan Kent and Batman's son Damien Wayne Unlike their parents, they had more of a unique frenemies relationship, mainly due to Damien's rough personality The mini-series did not last too[...]
DC Comics Super Sons Statue Teased By Prime 1 Studio
In 2017, DC Comics announced the "rebirth" of the Super Sons This dynamic duo featured Bruce Wayne aka Batman's child Damian Wayne and Clark Kent aka Superman's child Jonathan Kent These frenemies brought some hilarious banter and some wild adventures to the comic book pages Super Sons only lasted until May 2018 with 16 issues[...]
Ridley Pearson and Ileana Gonzales' Third Super Sons Graphic Novel, Escape to Landis
Longing for an un-aged un-Bendised Jonathan Kent/Damian Wayne comic book? Good news, the third and final such original graphic novel for younger readers, Super Sons: Escape To Landis is coming in 2020 Though you will have to wait until 1st September 2020 Enough time to reread the first two… here's the full solicitation. Super Sons: Escape[...]
Super Sons: The Polarshield Project - Official Trailer
DC Comics has revealed a trailer for Super Sons: The Polarshield Project, the upcoming DC Zoom book written by Ridley Pearson with art by Ile Gonzalez Set to hit stores in April, the graphic is the first of a trilogy aimed at young readers, who tend to buy lots of comics from the bookstore, but[...]
super sons
The solicitation for this week's Adventures of the Super Sons series did mention it was flashback in nature… ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #1 (OF 12) (W) Peter J Tomasi (A) Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert (CA) Dan Mora The Super Sons are back in an all-new 12-issue miniseries written by Peter J Tomasi! Check out the lost and secret[...]
Super Sons #16 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
However, Robin, as he often does, has a plan involving Cyborg…even if it involves Cyborg being captured too. Super Sons #16 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez Super Sons #16 delivers a fun and lighthearted finale to the charming Superboy/Robin series While Kid Amazo, despite his heritage, is a somewhat lackluster villain, the chemistry between Jonathan[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 23, 2018: Flash War Begins and the Hunt for Wolverine Goes to Madripoor
Mignola himself as well as Chris Roberson and D'Isreali bring you this tale. Batman: Detective Comics #981 cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas Batman: Detective Comics #981 "Batmen Eternal" and James Tynion IV's legendary run on Batman: Detective Comics comes to their finale with the Gotham Knights uniting once more to stop the plans of Ulysses and his Omac army which has already[...]
Super Sons #13 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adriano Lucas
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Jonathan Kent develops a crush on a girl as his Super Sons ally, Damian Wayne, continues to fit in poorly at their Metropolis-based West-Reeve School Plus, Jonathan is staying with the Waynes for the weekend! However, Talia al Ghul is in town and wants to bring her son in for an assassination contract. Super Sons #13[...]
superman #37
Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez, and Rob Leigh is the first part of the Super Sons of Tomorrow crossover mini-event between this title, Super Sons and Teen Titans The issue is released on December 20th. It's a hell of an opening shot to a crossover, I'll tell you that. Superman #37 cover by Ivan Reis It's[...]
Jorge Jimenez
In today's installment, Super Sons artist Jorge Jimenez discusses his art's manga influence and gives 2016 Comic-Con attendees an early look at one of the two characters he would soon become known for—Superboy, Jon Kent Prior to that he worked on Superman, Batman: Arkham Unhinged and Earth-2 Society Before hooking up with DC, he did[...]
Super Sons
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Super Sons #5 is bringing back classic superhero story-telling with a modern sensibility, and it's something that has been sorely lacking from the comics landscape for such a long time that it's a breath of fresh air. In this issue, a standalone story featuring Jonathan Kent a.k.a Superboy and Damian Wayne a.k.a[...]
Jorge Jimenez On The Differences Between Superboy And Robin In Super Sons
Artist Jorge Jimenez talked with DC All Access about the new Super Sons series The book that puts Damien Wayne and John Kent front and center shows just how different the characters are and how different their families are He also addressed how much of a role Superman and Batman will be playing in the series[...]