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Dole & Taco Bell Celebrate National Lemonade Day With A Freebie
Dole and Taco Bell have decided to come together to celebrate National Lemonade Day with a special freebie this weekend Much in the same vein as how you see a lot of other companies offer promotions when they are approaching or on a holiday, the two have come together for a quick promotion to give[...]
National Taco Bell Commercial Features Live-Action Version Of Saga
We knew the return of Saga would herald some pretty aggressive marketing on the part of Image Comics—but we had no idea that it would include a double steak grilled cheese burrito.  The latest Taco Bell commercial to hit viewers showcases the Marko character from the beloved series Saga by Brian K[...]
Xbox & Taco Bell Partner Again For An Xbox Series X Giveaway
Taco Bell and Xbox have had one long partnership that both seem to enjoy so much, they're doing it again for the Xbox Series X The company revealed today that they will be holding another contest with the fast-food chain, this time around offering up an Xbox Series X bundle Starting on September 24th you'll[...]
A sequel to Demolition Man could be happening.
The film popularized the three seashells, made every restaurant Taco Bell, and gave characters fines for swearing It was amazing In a q&a on his Instagram page, Stallone may have let it slip that a Demolition Man 2 could possibly be in the works with Warner Bros. A sequel to Demolition Man could be happening. Demolition Man[...]
AMC logo
The association also sued other tenants suing Fitness International, Taco Bell, and Discovery Clothing Company. The official logo for the theater chain AMC Theaters. AMC Theatres Sued for Breach of Contract Despite the ongoing pandemic affecting businesses across the country, the lawsuit states, "The Landlord recognizes the challenges posed by COVID-19, including on its own business[...]
Microsoft & Taco Bell Are Partnering Again To Give Away An Xbox One
It seems like every year, Taco Bell and Microsoft get together and mix gaming and tacos for a contest They're doing it again for an Xbox One bundle But this isn't some ordinary bundle Along with this Eclipse Limited-Edition Xbox One in a special Taco Bell box, they're adding in an Elite Wireless Controller Series[...]
Xbox and Taco Bell Have Partnered Again to Give Away Platinum Consoles
One of the few food partnerships that's been successful for video gaming over the past few years has been that with Xbox and Taco Bell There have been promotions at other chains with different games, but this is one of the few where both companies seemed to benefit nicely from working together clear back to[...]