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Spy x Family UT Collection Coming from Uniqlo in July
The collection celebrates the hugely popular manga series, now an anime series, by writer and illustrator Tatsuya Endo, that has garnered a string of awards since it debuted in March 2019 in Shonen Jump magazine As of May 2022, nine volumes of this series have sold more than 18 million copies. Credit: Uniqlo Spy x Family is an[...]
Spy x Family Vol. 2: the Undercover Family Comedy Gets Nuttier
The first volume of Viz Media's Spy x Family by Tatsuya Endo established the premise and tone of the series A spy forms a fake family as cover for his new mission, unaware that his fake daughter is a telepath, and his fake wife is an assassin, and only the little girl knows all their[...]
Spy x Family Review: Unique Genre Comedy Fun
Without realizing it, these three dysfunctional people become a real family-of-choice even as they keep hiding their true natures from each other. Farce is hard to do in comics, but creator Tatsuya Endo pulls it off with deft comic timing and deadpan flair Twilight has to improvise ways to hide his real identity when bad guys[...]