Team 17

"My Time at Portia" Review

"My Time at Portia" is a Charming Crafting Game

Team 17's My Time at Portia is a cute, relaxing crafting game where players restore the neglected family workshop and fulfill commissions, grow crops, raise animals, and befriend the inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic town called Portia. Players need to gather, mine, and craft their way to being the top workshop in town, and they may just […]

Team17 Announce "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" For E3 2019

"Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair" Receives A New Trailer

Publisher Team17 and developer Playtonic Games have released a brand new trailer for Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair this week. The trailer shows off more of the game's mechanics when it comes to the changing of levels, specifically when you can flood them with water and change them into water levels. Or add ice to […]

The PC Gaming Show at E3 Liveblog with Bleeding Cool

This year's PC Gaming Show presented by our colleagues at PC Gamer is expected to host reveals from Crytek, Square Enix, and Sega, among others. It is quite possible, given this year's massive lineup, that the PC Gaming Show is actually hosting the Sony overflow since the PlayStation conference is expected to be more intimate than […]

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is Returning to E3 This Year

PC Gamer will be bringing back their E3 PC Gaming Show for the fourth year running. The show will be hosted by Day[9] once again and will include content from sponsors Oculus Rift, Acer, Improbable, Tripwire Interactive, Stardock Entertainment, Frontier, and Team 17. In addition, Drake's Cakes will be providing some of their signature baked […]

Yoku's Island Express Gets a Formal Release Date for May

This morning, Team 17 officially announced that Yoku's Island Express will finally be released! The awesome pinball-esq adventure game will be coming to PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on May 29th. We had a lot of fun playing with this game back at PAX East a couple weeks ago as you get to shoot […]

Worms W.M.D Gets A Launch Trailer To Celebrate Its Switch Release

Worms seems like a title that would do very good on the go. For a very brief train ride, a quick match of the classic franchise could certainly kill the time. Well, today, that's become a reality. Worms W.M.D has made its way to the Nintendo Switch and to get you in the mood, Team […]

Doin' Hard Time… For Now: We Review 'The Escapists 2'

We live in an interesting time where incarceration has become a gaming motif. Just last year we got the prison simulator game Prison Architect, and the year before that we got The Escapists. Both games did very well for themselves and tackled the same subject from different vantage points. Of the two, we just got […]