Return to the past with New Bill and Ted Figures

Return to the Past with New Bill and Ted Figures

Bill and Ted are back at it again but instead of teleporting to the past, they are teleporting to your shelves! Sideshow and Blitzway are doing it again dudes, and this time bring us a sixth scale Bill and Ted figures. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is another cult classic starring the famous Keanu Reeves […]

Seth MacFarlane's 2013 Harvey Weinstein "Joke" Was Actually A Hard Jab

As the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations continues to grow, two of the biggest questions being asked involve just how long all of this had been allowed to go on for, and just how widely known Weinstein's reputation was across most of the pop culture landscape. One of the earliest to publicly […]

Video: Seth MacFarlane Plays Ted Via Motion Capture

The title character in Ted is a motion capture creation with the voice, and as you'll see, the candy-fellating, cash register-humping moves of writer-director Seth MacFarlane. I fear this video will be NSFW in some places. Shame really, because he's just a cute little teddy bear. I'm really intrigued by this film. Family Guy and […]

Green Band Trailer For Seth MacFarlane's Ted Is A Totally Different Animal

This safer-for-prudes edit of the (previously Red Band) Ted trailer is comprised of almost entirely different footage in an almost entirely different structure. There's more set up, less swearing and… more fighting. Yep – a man vs. teddy bear fight. I've had a few of those myself. Interesting that bong use is green band stuff. […]

Red Band Trailer For Seth MacFarlane's Ted

I was a little surprised by this first trailer for Ted, the feature film directorial debut of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. I can't say it had me rolling on the floor, but there are definitely some interesting ideas here, not least the central relationship. It's like a spiked twist on how Walter and Gary […]

Amazing Prometheus Promo Video – A TED Talk From The Future

Prometheus co-writer Damon Lindelof has tonight tweeted a link to the best bit of Prometheus marketing yet: a TED talk from the year 2023, presented by Peter Weyland. As we learned the other day, Weyland is Guy Pearce's character in the film. Pearce has said he only appears "for a minute" in the movie, which, […]

Mila Kunis And Adam Scott In Negotiations For Seth McFarlane's Foul-Mouthed Ted

Vicki Isitt writes for Bleeding Cool: Mila Kunis, who today has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for a Golden Globe award in Black Swan, and Party Down's Adam Scott are currently in negotiations to star in Seth McFarlane's new film project Ted, say THR. The Family Guy guy's film will tell the story of […]