The Jesus Rolls

The Jesus Rolls: Spinoff of The Big Lebowski Reintroduces Eccentric Bowler in Teaser

'The Jesus Rolls': Spinoff of 'The Big Lebowski' Reintroduces Eccentric Bowler in Teaser

One of The Big Lebowski’s most stand out characters in Jesus Quintana (John Turturro) has his own spinoff in The Jesus Rolls for Screen Media Films In the original 1998 film, Jesus is a rival bowler of the Dude (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman), and Donnie (Steve Buscemi).[caption id="attachment_1155399" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Screen Media Films[/caption]Jesus is[...]

The Jesus Rolls: Lebowski Spin-Off Strikes 2020 Date

"The Jesus Rolls:" "Lebowski" Spin-Off Strikes 2020 Date

While Turturro's character only appeared in two scenes, his over the top delivery cemented Jesus, and Turturro, into film infamy forever.[caption id="attachment_1056728" align="aligncenter" width="1590"] Editorial credit: lev radin /[/caption]Flash forward 20 some-odd years, and John Turturro is writing, directing, and starring in The Jesus Rolls, a spin-off of sorts to the Coen Brothers original[...]