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The Oregon Trail: Boom Town Officially Launches On Mobile
Tilting Point has partnered up with HarperCollins Productions to bring a classic title to mobile in a new way with the launch of The Oregon Trail: Boom Town The game will have you taking more of a stationary point along the trail as you'll be in a torn helping out weary travelers on the way[...]
The Oregon Trail
Gameloft has released a brand-new update for the modernized version of The Oregon Trail, as players can download the Cowboys & Critters update The content comes with a ton of new features, including thirteen new stories, more cooking options, new quests to explore, a new treaty, and so much more We got the notes from[...]
The Oregon Trail Will Be Released For Nintendo Switch Soon
Gameloft announced today that they will be releasing the modernized version of The Oregon Trail for the Nintendo Switch This will be the PC version that players have had the chance to experience, as you're getting a modernized version of a classic educational title With a few changes made for Switch players to make it[...]
Gameloft's The Oregon Trail Will See A Vinyl Soundtrack Release
Gameloft has partnered up with Decca Records to release a new vinyl soundtrack pressing for their version of The Oregon Trail The team released their version of the now-iconic learning game back in 2021, which came with its own robust soundtrack that gave the game its own identity Now you can snag that soundtrack for[...]
MinnMax Releases First Game Documentary About Oregon Trail
Something cool came out this past week that might interest many retro gamers as MinnMax created a documentary about The Oregon Trail The game itself is so engrained in gaming culture that to this day people make headstone jokes on Twitch and YouTube whenever they tragically die in a game It also serves as one[...]