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"Avengers: Damage Control" Shows A Major Marvel Villain Return

"Avengers: Damage Control" Shows A Major Marvel Villain Return

In case you haven't been following VR titles in arcade environments, there's a new one on the way called Avengers: Damage Control. Marvel Studios, ILMxLAB, and The VOID have all come together to create a brand new virtual reality experience in which you and a partner will step into the shoes of The Avengers to […]

The Sentry #3 cover by Bryan Hitch and Marcio Menyz

The Sentry #3 Review: Damaging Nostalgia

We see Billy Turner, aka Scout and former sidekick to the Sentry, meet up with the man who was once Cranio, the archnemesis to the Sentry. Billy has a plan to bring down Bob Reynolds once and for all. He hates the Sentry for what he did to him, taking his arm as the Void, […]

The Sentry #2 cover by Bryan Hitch and Marcio Menyz

The Sentry #2 Review: Complex Relationship with the Golden Guardian's Golden Age

Cranio, an old villain of the Sentry, has found his way into Bob's city within the Confluctor. He attacks the Sentress and begins immediately beating her down. In our world, Bob is manically searching for the Confluctor, unable to get into contact with either Doctor Strange or Iron Man. He goes to his old sidekick, […]

Sentry #1 cover by Bryan Hitch and Marcio Menyz

Sentry #1 Review: Nostalgia to Save the World

The Sentry is back…or at least Bob Reynolds is back. Doctor Strange found and revived Bob, but he can't be the Sentry without risking the return of the Void. To maintain the balance, Bob uses the Confluctor. It's a device that creates full world within Bob's mind where he can be the Golden Guardian once […]

star wars vr

Star Wars: Secret of the Empire VR Experience Now Open in Downtown Disney

Guests heading to the Disneyland resort will have a new, exciting experience waiting for them in Downtown Disney. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire has finally opened. The new hyper-reality experience will transport guests into the world of Star Wars. "Surrounded by cutting-edge 3-D imagery and sound, Guests can move around freely while virtually interacting […]

Horror Game Giveaway With Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, And More!

  We've partnered with the DRM free gaming site to bring you guys a horror game giveaway! We've got codes for Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, Oxenfree, The Void, Pathologic, The Cat Lady, and Downfall Redoux for you. We've got more than 100 games to giveaway so horror fans, now is your time. The codes will be randomly selected by […]

Titan Release Distressing Footage Not Intended For Sensitive Viewers

Titan Comics have jumped onto the immersive bandwagon and released a trailer for Sean Phillips' new graphic novel Void hitting bookstores today and comic shops this Wednesday the 3rd of September by creating a video from the perspective of the Goliath 01, a transmission from the prison vessel featured in the comic. Fully committing to […]