Horror Game Giveaway With Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, And More!



We've partnered with the DRM free gaming site GOG.com to bring you guys a horror game giveaway! We've got codes for Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, OxenfreeThe VoidPathologicThe Cat Lady, and Downfall Redoux for you. We've got more than 100 games to giveaway so horror fans, now is your time.

The codes will be randomly selected by our system, ensuring that there's no biased human opinions driving the giveaway.

If you want some more background on the games, well Little Nightmares is launching tomorrow, and you can check out the game's launch trailer here. If you want to give that a whirl but don't get a code from our giveaway, well, GOG is running a deal where, if you buy Little Nightmares, you get a free copy of Inside to boot.

Outlast 2 is just out this week, but we found it to be great nightmare fuel. So you'll absolutely want to check that out. Back in January, Oxenfree reminded us of our adventurous youth.  Meanwhile, The Void will terrify you, but in a very artistic sort of way. Pathologic is less about the jump scares, more about survival, but it'll keep you on your toes anyway. If you feel like The Cat Lady can't be a horror game, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this trip down depression lane. It's "brilliant counterpoint" is Downfall: Redoux which is a bit more hopeful but has the same kind of point-and-click adventure game kind of intuitiveness.

To get in on the action, all you need to do is fill out the form below, and wait for a key to come your way! The giveaway will be running until Sunday at 10 PM UTC, which is about 6pm ET/9pm PT. To enter, you'll have to login through Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or Instagram which will give you one entry. To double or triple your chances, you can follow or visit any of the other pages. Once the giveaway is over, we'll select random winners for random games and send your codes a few days later. Have at it!

Bleeding Cool – Horror Giveaway

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