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Where Is Our Thundercats Live Action Film?
Thundercats ROAR! is airing on Cartoon Network, no matter how you feel about it All that is missing is an announcement we have been waiting for since 1985 At this point, Warner Bros should just stop rereleasing the original series on DVD every six months and try to get this thing off the ground. The Sword[...]
"ThunderCats Roar!" – Meet Panthro: The Team's Main Muscle & Master Fixer [VIDEO]
Animation's reboot of the feline-like alien heroes ThunderCats Roar! comes crashing onto Cartoon Network screens with "Exodus Part 1 & 2" starting Saturday, February 22, so you might be asking yourself, "Who are these strange feline-like characters being danced before my eyes?" Well, the network's been doing its part to help with those answers with a[...]
"ThunderCats Roar!" Official Trailer Shows Teamwork Is…THE BEST!!!! [PREVIEW]
The continuing battle between Lion-O's ThunderCats and Mumm-Ra crash lands onto Cartoon Network with ThunderCats Roar!, Warner Bros Animation's reboot of the feline-like alien heroes How excited? It made our The Bleeding Cool Top 30 TV Series Influencers 2020 list in a big way – but you can read up more on that here. Cartoon Network Less[...]
"ThunderCats Roar": Cartoon Network "Confirms" 2020 Debut; Preview Released [VIDEO]
Animation rebooting the feline-like alien heroes for the new animated series ThunderCats Roar. Cartoon Network Now we're getting a fresh look at the series in the following "20 Things in 2020: Sneak Preview" clip from the network (starting around the 1:09 mark and after) – which you can check out below: Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Going with an animation style[...]
Cartoon Network 2019 Preview: ThunderCats Reboot, Teen Titans Go! and More! (VIDEO)
Well, your friends at Cartoon Network are offering up a buffet of new and returning shows for the new year. Cartoon Network From network heavyweights like Teen Titans GO! and Steven Universe to newer shows like Craig of the Creek and Unikitty – including a look at ThunderCats Roar! – check out what's coming to Cartoon Network[...]