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Toby Emmerich Takes Over Warner Bros. Studios as Corporate Shake-Up Continues
Now, more major changes have rocked even higher levels at the studio as a lawsuit from the Justice Department attempting to block the merger heads to court. According to a report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap, Toby Emmerich has been promoted to Chairman of the Warner Bros Motion Picture Group Warner Bros CEO Kevin[...]
walter hamada takes over DC films; Warner Bros Justice League
President Toby Emmerich, will take charge of DC superhero movies going forward, as well as any non-DC comic book movies Warner Bros produces Geoff "Jeff" Johns, who served as co-head of DC Films with Berg, managed to escape with his job intact, but will now only serve in an "advisory" capacity on the films. "Walter is[...]
Report: Warner Bros President Is Mythical New Comic Book Reader
The new comic book reader in question: Warner Bros Pictures president Toby Emmerich. In an interview with Variety this week, Emmerich revealed that he never read comics before getting a job at the head of one of the world's biggest superhero movie franchises. "I don't speak comic," Emmerich said of his new job, but according to variety,[...]
Shazam Has Screenwriter And Will Not Be Part Of BvS:DoJ
Now EW is saying that Shazam is going to be produced by New Line Cinema, a subsidiary of Warner Bros and will be separate from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in both continuity and tone. Toby Emmerich, president of New Line, had this to say about the tone of the upcoming film and the self-announced[...]