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Pokémon TCG: Rainbow Island Promo Binder On Auction At Heritage
Those Pocket Monsters include Marill, Ledyba, Slowking, and even Togepi (who featured in the anime) and Mew (who, despite being a Generation 1 Pokémon, was little more than an urban legend to many youngster Pokéfans) Additionally, according to the description of the auction listing on Heritage Auctions' website: This binder is from the Southern Islands Promo[...]
Spring Comes to Pokémon Masters EX with "Pasio Eggsplorers"
Credit: Pokémon Blog The new additions in Pokémon Masters EX for Spring 2021 include: New sync pairs: Special versions of the Burgh & Togepi and May & Lopunny pairs in Spring-themed outfits will be available, with Togepi able to use Metronome and Lopunny having the ability to change attacks from Normal-type to Fighting-type after using its sync move in[...]
Pokémon GO Artist Jason Marino Explains Hopeful 2021 Screen
For Pichu, for Cleffa, for Igglybuffy, for Togepi, for Tyrogue, for Smoochum, for Elekid, for Magby, for Azurill, for Wynaut, for Budew, for Chingling, for Bonsly, for Happiny, for Munchlax, for Riolu for Mantyke For Pokémon that have a consistently boosted Shiny rate. Come on, Niantic Let's go! 2020 was a very "Be careful what you wish[...]