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Moose Wins "TNA World Title" in MASSIVE Main Event! | IMPACT! Rebellion Highlights Apr 28, 2020
Another day, another war of words on Twitter between comedian Tom Segura and the wrestling community In the latest spat, Impact Wrestling's Moose has challenged Segura to a fight to prove just how real wrestling is Moose is currently the TNA World Champion after unearthing the old TNA Championship and bringing it out at Impact's[...]
Tom Segura doubles down on wrestling hate on podcast [screencap]
Comedian Tom Segura continued his attacks on wrestling fans after stirring up controversy yesterday by calling fans "r****ds." Segura released a video seemingly apologizing to wrestling fans, but later claimed he just "parroted" the words. "Of course I understand why people like wrestling," Segura said in a video released on his Twitter "It's awesome[...]
Comedian Tom Segura insults wrestling fans on his podcast.
On a recent episode of his podcast, comedian Tom Segura made disparaging comments about people who like wrestling Though wrestling fans have been aware for at least the last 100 years that wrestling matches feature wrestlers working with each other and predetermined outcomes, Segura seemed convinced that fans believe the fights are real. "So many guys[...]