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Diana Gabaldon Investigates Disappearing Outlander Fanpages
Speculation was that this was the effect of a bot of some kind sent out to spot sites selling Outlander products that infringed trademark or copyright–but a number of sites that don't sell anything were also shut down.] So, I got this official statement from Sony Pictures Television: "In an effort to ensure that each Outlander: The[...]
Nintendo May Have Plans To Make A Theme Park In America
If the trademarks being filed by Nintendo are any indication of the future, we're probably set to have a Super Nintendo World in America somewhere in the next few years NeoGAF posted this listing for a theme park trademark filed by the company last Wednesday, showing that they want to secure the Super Nintendo World[...]
Microsoft Renews Trademark On Scalebound, Despite Cancelling It Back In January
Microsoft today renewed their trademark on the title "Scalebound" despite cancelling the game back in January, as well as removing any previous mention of it from Microsoft's many web outlets The trademark renewal was spotted by Twitter user y2konya, even though Microsoft were in no danger of losing their trademark registration. Microsoft es propietaria de la[...]
Marvel's Lawyers Vs The Academy Of Martial Arts. Who Will Win?
Because the Academy of Martial Arts has chosen this as their logo, and to trademark it. And, in colour, put it to use. Well… I expect Marvel Comics will be interested in showing these previously used and registered imagery… I think Marvel might just win, don't you? They do have all the moves…   [...]
Marvel And DC Comics Pull Out Of Defending 'Super Hero' Trademark
But one thing they do co-operate over is defending the use of the phrase "super hero" in the title of – well, anything not published by Marvel or DC. As it stands there are trademarks that both Marvel and DC are working together to challenge for Silicon Super Heroes by David Martini Jason Brodie for Super[...]
Warners And Rowling Trademark "J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World" With New Logo
As Warners and JK Rowling have, together,trademarked the words and have now created a logo for "J.K Rowling's Wizarding World" and registered it for, well, basically everything Including comic books. Anyway, it looks like this is Warners' new all-in phrase for JK's work that covers not only Harry Potter but the worlds outside of Hogwarts being explored in the[...]
Marvel And DC Team Up To Fight For Their Super Hero Trademark
But when it comes to the trademarks it's a different story. Although many consider that the jointly held trademark for the words "super hero" by Marvel and DC may not that be defensible in court, they have jointly registered it, and jointly defend it against other people wanting to use it in their own trademarks. Such as[...]
Marvel Vs Anyone With Marvel In Their Name…
Marvel aren't quite as trigger happy DC Comics over challenging the registration of trademarks right now – and seem to be the subject of cases more than they are instigators. But they are challenging Tony Tune for registering the name "Marvelasy" as a trademark for Large toy building blocks; Toy building blocks, which can be connected to each[...]
Marvel Comics Challenged Over Their Illuminati Trademark
As a result of their own product line… Meanwhile, Marvel has another registered gaming trademark it would like to challenge Games Workshop over it seems. A happy new year for all lawyers! Recently Marvel attempted to register the word "Illuminati" for its comic book line It's a name they have used in recent years and have just[...]
Marvel Challenged Over Omega The Unknown Trademark By The Swiss
It's not just DC Comics that are all up in trademark kerfuffles, Marvel have them too. Indeed they are being challenged by the Swiss manufacturer of the Omega watches, over Marvel's attempt to register the trademark for "Omega The Unknown." The character, created by by Steve Gerber, Mary Skrenes and Jim Mooney, in an ill-fated but fondly remembered series in 1975-1977 was revived thirty[...]