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Marvel Objects To "Guardians Of The Ganja" Vape Sales
Creative Dreamer Media LLC based in Suamico, Wisconsin, has registered a trademark for "Guardians Of The Ganja" for a variety of business interests, but mostly vape sales As the website states; Guardians of the Ganja is the brainchild of our founder, Sarah Hershberger-Valencia When she started using vape carts back in July 2019, she found herself[...]
DC Comics Trademarks The Supermobile For 2022
Created by Cary Bates for It's a Bird… It's a Plane… It's Supermobile! in 1978's Action Comics, it was initially created as a promotional tie-in for the Corgi Toys toy line and Bates had to find some kind of justification. DC Comics Trademarks The Supermobile For 2022 The Supermobile is designed by Superman and made of Supermanium[...]
Auto Draft
Marvel Characters is registering a trademark for Marvel Studios and the above image, taking in stills from the famous movie and TV opening crawl for their films and shows as seen below It will be registered for "Entertainment services in the nature of production and distribution of motion pictures" But it also means that they[...]
Marvel Objects To POW Entertainment Trademark For 'True Believer'
At the end of last year, the US Government approved the registration of the words "True Believer" as a trademark by POW Entertainment, for "Downloadable computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for social networking services" with the following image; True Believer trademark logo True Believer was a phrase used in connection to comic books by[...]
GUNTHER No More? WWE Abandons "Gunther Stark" Trademark For WALTER
 One week ago today, WWE filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in an attempt to trademark the name "Gunther Stark"  Almost immediately after this news hit the web, anyone in the world with internet access simply Googled the name and were shocked to find out that Gunther Stark was[...]
DC Comics Trademarks Jason Momoa For Towels, Diaper Changing Pads
DC Comics trademarks lots of stuff, naturally, based on the characters and concepts it publishes, often when a TV series or movie is coming to fruition Lots of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman trademarks concepts such as Krypton, Smallville, Superman breaking chains across his chest, Harley Quinn's tattoos like "Daddy's Little Monster" Pretty much what[...]
President Superman Still Protects DC Comics' Chain-Breaking Trademark
In 1941, DC Comics registered a trademark for the image of Superman breaking chains from the back cover of Superman #1 Bleeding Cool has a scan of that registration document. Trademark registration stat Today's Infinite Frontier #5 repeats that image for President Superman, the Calvin Ellis version of the Last Son of Krypton who is also President[...]
Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now?
Of late DC Comics has been pushing their registrations for trademarks for Fandome, The Flash, Live Fast Die Clown, Gifter, Super Hero, Superman & Lois, and Black Adam But what trademarks have they had their lawyers opposing from other people and companies? DC Comics are opposing Ah-Menkarayzz Nuben, formerly Republic Of Mentellect of Brooklyn, New York[...]
Will DC Be Able To Do Free Comic Book Day If Diamond Trademarks It?
Bleeding Cool understands that earlier this month, Diamond Comic Distributors registered a trademark for Free Comic Book Day under the categories of "Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Advertising, marketing and promotion services in the field of comic book and collectible store retail support.; Marketing services, namely, promoting or advertising the goods and services of others;[...]
Archie Comics Trademarks Cricket O'Dell
She can literally sniff out money, not only that but she knows how much people have, what denominations and can track a specific amount being held by someone. Archie Comics Trademarks Cricket O'Dell – Do They Have Plans? She made a brief appearance in Riverdale as Aunt Cricket, member of the Blossom board of trustees, threatening to[...]
Preston Poulter Pushes Back On Comics Gate Trademark
Earlier this year, we reported on Comicsgate creator and critic Preston Poulter and his attempt to trademark the term 'Comicsgate' The registration was made by Common Sense Press Inc DBA Pocket Jacks Comics, of Dallas, Texas Poulter is the writer and creator who self-publishes comics such as White Lily under the name Pocket Jacks Comics, and creates YouTube videos[...]
Last Week in #Comicsgate: #BlameWarCampaign
Comic creator Ethan Van Sciver who has become associated with the hashtag, stated that Day had no right to the name, and that as Ethan then ran a YouTube show called Comicsgate Live, that he had the rights to make a comic book imprint called 'Comicsgate' rather than Day. However within days of this conversation, Antonio J[...]
Will Valiant Sue DC Comics Over Generation Zero Trademark?
But mostly about trademarks Yesterday, DC Comics announced that their DC Timeline and 5G lead-in for Free Comic Book Day would be a sequel to their Flash Forward comic by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, and be called Generation Zero. Which could be tricky as Valiant Entertainment also published a comic book called Generation Zero, only[...]
Is This the End of Marvel and DC's Defense Of The 'Superhero' Trademark?
For over fifty years, Marvel and DC Comics have co-owned the trademark for the word 'SUPERHERO' and have challenged any other firm or individual trying to partially trademark the term for their own purposes In 2009, the term "Super Heroes" was registered as a typography-independent "descriptive" US trademark co-owned by DC and Marvel With both[...]
Black Panther
Manufacturing company Guang Zhou Feng Niao Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si g Si, based in Laguna Beach, California, have a new business proposition that they are seeking to register a trademark for When it comes to selling Automobile seat cushions; Automobile windshield sunshades; Automotive interior trim; Baby carriages; Car seats for pets; Car window shades;[...]
DC Comics vs. Alaskan Clothing Company Over 'Wander Woman' Trademark
Joel Loosli of Alaska has a company called Claimjumper AK, selling clothing as "unique Alaskan apparel" — and launching a number of registered trademarks as a successful company wishing to protect its marketshare might. However, that's not as easy when one of your product lines is called 'Wander Woman'. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1[...]
stan lee
And it is attempting, once again, to register the trademark "Stan Lee". POW Entertainment has already had a live trademark for over 10 years for "Stan Lee Presents", as well as for "Excelsior". And there is also a live trademark for "Stan Lee" for jewelry from the '80s by a Stanley Orman, who is the former president of Stan[...]
Nintendo May Have Plans To Make A Theme Park In America
If the trademarks being filed by Nintendo are any indication of the future, we're probably set to have a Super Nintendo World in America somewhere in the next few years NeoGAF posted this listing for a theme park trademark filed by the company last Wednesday, showing that they want to secure the Super Nintendo World[...]
Microsoft Renews Trademark On Scalebound, Despite Cancelling It Back In January
Microsoft today renewed their trademark on the title "Scalebound" despite cancelling the game back in January, as well as removing any previous mention of it from Microsoft's many web outlets The trademark renewal was spotted by Twitter user y2konya, even though Microsoft were in no danger of losing their trademark registration. Microsoft es propietaria de la[...]
Marvel's Lawyers Vs The Academy Of Martial Arts. Who Will Win?
Because the Academy of Martial Arts has chosen this as their logo, and to trademark it. And, in colour, put it to use. Well… I expect Marvel Comics will be interested in showing these previously used and registered imagery… I think Marvel might just win, don't you? They do have all the moves…   [...]
Marvel And DC Comics Pull Out Of Defending 'Super Hero' Trademark
But one thing they do co-operate over is defending the use of the phrase "super hero" in the title of – well, anything not published by Marvel or DC. As it stands there are trademarks that both Marvel and DC are working together to challenge for Silicon Super Heroes by David Martini Jason Brodie for Super[...]
Warners And Rowling Trademark "J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World" With New Logo
As Warners and JK Rowling have, together,trademarked the words and have now created a logo for "J.K Rowling's Wizarding World" and registered it for, well, basically everything Including comic books. Anyway, it looks like this is Warners' new all-in phrase for JK's work that covers not only Harry Potter but the worlds outside of Hogwarts being explored in the[...]
Marvel And DC Team Up To Fight For Their Super Hero Trademark
But when it comes to the trademarks it's a different story. Although many consider that the jointly held trademark for the words "super hero" by Marvel and DC may not that be defensible in court, they have jointly registered it, and jointly defend it against other people wanting to use it in their own trademarks. Such as[...]