5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates #1

5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates #1

Image Comics has released a preview of Trees: Three Fates #1, the first issue of the next volume of the creator-owned series by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, ahead of its release in September Final order cutoff for the comic is Monday, and Image is hoping it will sell out so they can send out[...]

Warren Ellis And Jason Howard Are Working On Something Else Between Trees…

At the MIT Media Lab yesterday, Warren Ellis was been interviewed by Kevin Slavin about his life, work and thoughts about stuff as part of a series entitled Mythophysics Of The New Normal.Along the way, he also made mention that he and Jason Howard are taking a break between the second and third volume of his Image[...]

From Strip To Script – Trees

By Josh HechingerWelcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise.I missed the first 'season' of Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees when it was coming out, but ended up catching up[...]

36 Thoughts About 35 Of Today's Comics – From Trees To Lumberjanes

Though from a time when the comic books were way down the pecking order from the strips...Valhalla Mad is basically what if The Truth + The Divine had been written by Jamie Boardman.Trees #9 brings Googlebuses to the streets of London Robotransport that has its limitations, but you'll never have to wait for a driver to[...]

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Secret Wars, Harrow County, Injection, Five Ghosts, Ms. Marvel, Saga & More!

Marvel #15Dark Horse Comics: Harrow County #1Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #2Where Do We Go From Here #1Also discussed: Jim Henson's Storyteller: Witches, the Exterminators, FBP, the Coffin, Deep Sleeper, Trees, Moon Knight, Northlanders, Bad Blood, BPRD, Avengers, Marvels, Fantastic Four, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, Love and Rockets, Strangers in Paradise, Sandman Mystery TheaterSee you again[...]

Warren Ellis Is Spreading His Trees Further

I do rather like the science-fiction global petri dish story of Trees by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard But not long ago, the big man had doubts about its success it seemed.Well, things are ticking along. Warren writes in his recent newsletter, We overprinted the TREES collection (issues 1-8) significantly - something like 300% of initial orders - and apparently[...]

37 Thoughts About 37 Of Today's Comics – Batman Eternal To Trees

The end of Trees Vol 1 And he doesn't mess about,Whatever words could they be? Bitchumin, slagheap and constantly-annoying? A punch is too good for him, in today's Earth 2.Grimm Fairy Tales is less circumspect.. and a little more forthright.New 52: Future's End has a rather loose lipped John Constantine, but they do all seem to be[...]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

Trees from Image Comics, written by Warren Ellis, with art by Jason HowardSo many titles to choose from, but this one sung to me, steeped as it was in John Wyndham, Edge of Darkness and perfectly timed for modern day concerns of individuals finding a place to be, all at a time when the world[...]

Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014

Month after month, they launched quality comics such as Deadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit Wonder, Real Heroes, Sovereign, Starlight, Noah, Tales Of Honor, Southern Bastards, The Field, Shutter, Dream Police, Self Obsessed, Genesis, Shotgun Wedding, MPH, C.O.W.L., Madame Frankenstein, Nailbiter, Rise Of The Magi, Trees, Outcast,[...]

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Baltimore, ODY-C, Lazarus, Opus, Trees, And More!

GI JOE #4 Image Comics: Trees #7 DC Comics: Gotham By Midnight #1 Dark Horse Comics: Baltimore the Wolf and the Apostle #2 Image Comics: Lazarus #13 Image Comics: ODY-C #1 Dark Horse Comics: Satoshi Kon's OPUSAlso discussed: Bleeding Cool Magazine #13 See you again next week! Find us on Facebook:[...]

It's Time To Cut Down More Trees

Warren Ellis seems concerned about the sales of his new comic book for Image, Trees.We ran a piece.Though, concerning print runs, it as been pointed out to me that Trees is beating Transmetropolitan in sales significantly For example, randomly, Transmetropolitan #18, is estimated to have sold 16,445 Whereas Trees #3, say, sold 23,000, half way between Planetary's[...]

Not Enough Of You Are Reading Trees. Come On, Now.

Warren Ellis writes in his newsletter, TREES issue 8 is finally complete As soon as I've gotten PROJECT STEPNEY out of the way (and I'm fifteen pages off the end of the first draft), I am commencing the second run of TREES, issues 9-13 approx, which I'm referring to as TREES: TWO FORESTS This will have[...]

32 Thoughts About 32 Comics – Batman Eternal, Multiversity, Thor, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Miles Morales, Trees, Supreme, Sirens, All New X-Men, Deadpool, Gwen Stacy, Superior Spider-Man, The Shadow, Solar, Purgatori, The Wicked + The Divine, Devilers, Translucid, Bionic Woman, Hellraiser, Storyteller, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Cataclysm, Turtles In Time, X-Files, Transformers, Maxx, Littlest Pet Shop And Judge Dredd

Also, Dr Fate may have something to say about this.Dr Fate criticises Multiversity's decision to use the same plot as The Avengers right now.Why do I guess that this is the comic that will have been really underordered this week? Gwen Stacy as a Spider-Man in Edge Of Spider-Verse, and also having to deal with those really nice,[...]

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Multiversity, Edge Of Spider-Verse, The Wicked + The Divine And Trees

Tell us below!Time stamps for this episode:04:40 Batman and Robin: Futures End #104:51 Batman/Superman: Futures End #105:00 Batwoman: Futures End #105:19 Green Lantern New Guardians: Futures End #105:40 Justice League: Futures End #105:58 Red Hood and The Outlaws: Futures End #106:09 Supergirl: Futures End #106:20 Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #106:35 Wonder Woman: Futures End #106:54[...]

We'll Be Getting A Second Volume Of Trees From Warren Ellis And Jason Howard

In his newsletter, Warren Ellis lets us know, Making notes on what I'm calling TREES: TWO FORESTS because Jason has apparently decided that I have to write it until I die. Also that he's going to be making these...In his newsletter, Warren Ellis lets us know, Making notes on what I'm calling TREES: TWO FORESTS because Jason[...]

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 24th August 2014 – Multiversity Fades Out

But a more open field also allowed the likes of Fade Out, Trees and WicDiv to stride high as well.Multiversity #1 Batman Eternal #20 Batman and Robin #34 Fade Out #1 New Avengers #23 New 52 Futures End #16 Teen Titans #2 Daredevil #7 Trees #3 The Wicked + The Divine #3Thanks to the following contributing retailers,Pittsburgh Comics of McMurray, Pennsylvania G-Mart Comic Books of Champaign, Illinois Graham[...]

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Batman And Robin To Ragnarok, Supreme, Doctor Who, Velvet, Afterlife With Archie And More!

Both Velvet and Afterlife with Archie get new storylines and Trees and WW continue their storylines with changes all around!Be sure to answer the Question of the Week Your answer will determine if Batman is happy or sad!Thanks again!Time stamps for this episode:08:15 Batman And Robin #3308:44 Batman #3309:21 100th Anniversary Special Avengers #110:03 Original[...]

Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston

Lazarus, Sheltered, Seconds, Pretty Deadly, Rocket Girl, Sex Criminals, Letter 44, Fatale, Trees, Six-Gun Gorilla, Breaks, The Wicked + The Divine, Princess Ugg, The Auteur…This is an absolute golden age of diversity in comics, and it's being driven by creators making original books they love It's what many of us have been striving towards for[...]

Advance Reorders – Silk Trees With Blue Roses

The giving away of Warren Ellis' Trees #1 digitally seems to have boosted orders for the print comic, with Trees #3 getting the benefit and his Supreme: Blue Rose #1 launch getting a bunch as well.TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDER COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPs (RETAIL)Description SRP SupplierOUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #1 2ND PTG (MR) $2.99 IMAAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 SIN $3.99 MARWOLVERINE #8 2ND[...]