A Comic Show – The Power Of Kirkman Compels You!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, I'm Aaron from A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy, back from Heroescon and ready to talk new comics now!

The biggest book of the week is Outcast #1 by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta. As if a new #1 by The Walking Dead guy isn't a no-brainer to try, it's 44 pages for just $2.99! I met the charming Mr. Azaceta at Heroescon last week, and his art is perfect for this moody demon drama. Demon possession is the next best thing to zombies, right? Saga #20 has more tragedy, and the 2nd printing of #19 is also here with its downer of a last page. Saga is still my favorite book, but is a happy ending too much to ask? Kyle Higgins' C.O.W.L. is back with more stories of city workers with super powers. And I fully intended to review Warren Ellis' Trees #2, but my distributor shorted all my copies. I image it was genius, and will burn through it when my replacement copies come tomorrow.

Over at DC John's and JRJR's Superman is finally here! Saying it's better than what's come before for Supes' New 52 title is an understatement. These subplots are more riveting than the past main stories. I'm ready for the Last Son of Earth! (What's up with Johns and "Earthman" anyways)? Justice League #31 had that Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor goodness I've been wanting since last issue's cliffhanger, and Shazam is becoming my new favorite Leaguer! Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #3 is easily their best book of the week. I'm loving Slott's pace here: tease Black Cat in #1, deliver the goods in #3. And Waid's Original Sin Hulk and Iron Man (#3.1) is some good old science bros. fun. We all know Tony's Original Sin is alcoholism, but what's Bruce's?

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