That Ending Of Trees #1 And The Ending Of Edge Of Darkness (SPOILERS)

I really liked Trees. Here's just one of the reason. Spoilers on.

Warren Ellis on the BBC's Edge Of DarknessOn the writer.

Totally missed this: the writer Troy Kennedy Martin died yesterday. Today, he's probably best remembered by most as writer of THE ITALIAN JOB and KELLY'S HEROES. To me, he'll always be the man who wrote EDGE OF DARKNESS.

He was one of the great writers of British television, an innovator as well as an author of great skill. I imagine he was well forgotten long ago by those currently working in British television.

And as one of his desert island movies.

Movies is tough, so I'm going to cheat. The BBC TV series EDGE OF DARKNESS on DVD, which is just majestic in its writing

Edge Of Darkness, an environmental political thriller, hailed at the time as one of the heights of British television drama. The Wire of its day. You can buy it here and avoid the Mel Gibson remake. From the show…

Millions of years ago when the Earth was cold, it looked like life on the planet would cease to exist. But black flowers began to grow, multiplying across the landscape until the entire surface was covered in blooms. Slowly, the blackness of the flowers sucked in the heat of the sun and life began to evolve again. That is the power of Gaia. The planet will protect itself. If man is the enemy, it will destroy him.

— Emma Craven

The poignant ending of the final episode, that calls back to this statement.


And towards the end of the first issue of Trees, the new comic by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, out this week.


I can hear the Eric Clapton music playing…


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