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Hooked From The First Page: UFOlogy TP Out This Week
I'm so excited that this week brings the release of the UFOlogy trade paperback from BOOM! Studios I remember when I read the first issue of UFOlogy I was sucked in by the cool blue, purple, and mint green colors that artist, Matthew Fox swirled around the opening pages On top of that, master writer,[...]
UFOlogy #3 Is Brilliant And Terrifying
Yuenkel, with art by Matthew Fox, UFOlogy #3 gives us the action we've been waiting for Now that Becky has to return to her normal life with her bandaged glowing head, things are a lot different for her at school While Malcolm continues on his own discovery quest, he realizes it might be a lot[...]
UFOlogy #2 Lays Building Blocks For Upcoming Action
Yuenkel, with art by Matthew Fox, UFOlogy focuses on two main characters, Becky Finch and Malcolm Chamber Both of them want very different things out life Becky wants a simple life where she can be left alone, while Malcolm wants to experience as much of the universe as he can In the first issue we[...]
James Tynion The Fourth… To Launch Fourth Series From Boom
Memetic meanwhile received a GLAAD Award nomination. Tynion recently launched his third original series from Boom, a six-issue limited series titled UFOlogy with co-writer Noah Yuenkel and artist Matt Fox That first issue, as I understand it, is headed towards a sold out status. But I also understand that Tynion has a fourth series slated for later in the year[...]
Sammie Reads – UFOlogy Deserves Five Stars
By Sammie Rice UFOlogy is one of those books that you immediately know is going to be something special Much like closing the last page of Saga or picking up the first issue of Descender, you know that what you just read is going to stay with you for a very long time. The story is by[...]