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Unthinkables #1 Review: Jerks Forced To Save The World
Credit: Unlikely Heroes Studios Writer Paul Hanley (who also had a hand in lead character designs) has created a group of unsavory characters who would never be on a Slurpee cup or a set of pajamas Each character gets a very short, monodimensional intro as they are involuntarily brought into the effort under the auspices of[...]
INTERVIEW: Unlikely Heroes Studios, Navigating Choppy Indie Waters
Laurie Foster, Erek Foster and John Pence make up the staff of Unlikely Heroes Studios, an independent comic book company that has put out the critically loved series SUPER!, the post apocalyptic western The Surgeon and the successful Kickstarter anthology Elsewhere. They sat down with Bleeding Cool for an interview about their work and their journey.   BC: Please tell us the uncanny[...]