The Unthinkables #1 Review: Jerks Forced To Save The World

With an irreverent approach, a team of unlikely extrahuman entities must be quickly assembled to overcome a threat that could wipe out the whole world. With lots of shenanigans, this team is assembled with some kind of agenda hidden from even their members. With a pedigree that likely has as much to do with The Awesomes and Suicide Squad as it does The Boys, the last chance for mankind is a pretty crappy way to go.

The Unthinkables #1 Review: Jerks Forced To Save The World
The Unthinkables #1 Cover. Credit: Unlikely Heroes Studios

Writer Paul Hanley (who also had a hand in lead character designs) has created a group of unsavory characters who would never be on a Slurpee cup or a set of pajamas. Each character gets a very short, monodimensional intro as they are involuntarily brought into the effort under the auspices of the United Nations and a major supervillain, helming the plan.

The gritty visuals from Ian Richardson, Julien Hugonnard-Bert, Simon Gough, and Thomas Mauer make the disparate locations interesting, even though the color palette could use a little "pop." This kind of "jerks forced to save the world" bit has been seen before. That kind of derivative nature needs whatever secret the villain in question has in mind to distinguish this from many other stories with similar "reluctant savior" plots.

This book isn't bad, and if the core idea is new to you, this is kind of amazing. If you've been around a while, this is just a good swing waiting for its real-time to shine. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. 

The Unthinkables #1
By Paul Hanley, Ian Richardson
Earth's supes just got WTF pwn'd.
It's up to Max Frenzy and F.I.S.T. to assemble a mismatched selection of leftover "talent" to save us. First-round picks include boozy ex-Soviet super-spy Bloody Mary, psychic Scottish soccer hooligan RiotGrrl, crusty cockney teleporter Noddy Blinkins and,uh … the White Devil (don't ask). Those are the nice ones. Don't get us started on the genocidal fish-man and the suicidal robot-nuke. Y'know, now that we write all that out, it kinda sounds like a f—ing horrible idea, doesn't it?

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