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All Elite Wresting & Upper Deck Sign Multi-Year Deal
Some interesting news from All Elite Wrestling and Upper Deck as the two have signed off on a multi-year partnership for cards and memorabilia Aside from the obvious fact that they will be creating multiple editions of AEW trading cards during that time, they will also be selling memorabilia and collectibles throught he company, which[...]
"Legendary" Marvel Deckbuilder Gets New Expansions
Are you ready to marvel (heh) at the latest expansions for Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game? We at Bleeding Cool sure are! Source: Upper Deck Designed by Devin Low, Upper Deck's card game Legendary is coming out with two new expansions: Heroes of Asgard, and Webheads, for their VS System (itself originally designed by Danny Mandel and Ben Cichoski). From their[...]
Board Game Terminus: Let's Become Legendary In The Marvel Universe
By Etienne Dubuc In need of some more Marvel Universe? You've read every comics issue possible, seen every movie, played every video game? There is still some material you might like: board games! Even though Legendary might not sound like a game set in the world of Spider-Man, it will absolutely fit your style. Published by Upper[...]
GenCon – Upper Deck Entertainment Back In Black
Trent Pitts and Ann Harkey write; Hours after the vendor's hall had closed last Saturday at GenCon, Upper Deck Entertainment packed a private room at the Hard Rock Café for a special announcement The event was invitation only with an open bar, chocolate fountain and appetizers The room was packed. A little over half-way through the[...]
The Archaia To Zenescope Of Creator Non-Payment
They also had a sizable amount of money that was owed them, delayed by over sixty day,  which contributed to the crunch. However I am told that the company has a plan which will be rolled out to all creators in one or two weeks that they believe will make everybody happy. I also starting to hear[...]
Watch People Cutting Up Amazing Spider-Man #2 For Profit
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhgzvLKA-ys[/youtube] Are you still breathing? That's right, it's the good people at Upper Deck cutting up Silver Age comic book to make rare collectable premium cards, randomly distributed through some trading card packets or other The 2011 Marvel Beginnings set They've been selling for up to $80. Which means everyone can capture a piece of Amazing Spider-Man[...]