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Free League Publishing will be launching two new expansions for Vaesen, but before that, they're looking to get crowdsourced funding for it The company revealed two new titles on the way, which you can see the covers of below, as we're getting Seasons Of Mystery and Mythic Britain & Ireland While there aren't many details[...]
Free League Publishing Releases Vaesen On Steam & Tabletop
Free League Publishing has released both the main game of Vaesen and an expansion for the tabletop version and on Steam The game is pretty cool as you and your team of investigators will head out and discover the horrible secrets of the Mythic North, trying to unravel them or break them, however you see[...]
Vaesen: A Wicked Secret By Free League Publishing Out Now
Free League Publishing, a publisher of role-playing games best known for ALIEN: the Roleplaying Game, has released a supplemental book for their Nordic horror RPG, Vaesen Titled Vaesen: A Wicked Secret, this book explores parts of the game previously unexplored and adds additional scenarios to the immersion of the game. An image depicting a new, standalone mystery[...]
Free League's "Vaesen" Brings Nordic Horror to Kickstarter
Now, it looks like we'll be adding Vaesen to the ranks of atmospheric, compelling games that the company produces. Image Courtesy of Free League Publishing Welcome to the Mythic North – northern Europe of the nineteenth century, but not as we know it today A land where the myths are real A cold reach covered by vast[...]