It's Damian Wayne Vs Jonathan Kent In The Latest DC Versus

The latest DC Versus is another showdown that I never would've thought of… mainly because I'm a little behind on my reading and I'm not too familiar with Jonathan Kent, the new Superboy and I'm not the biggest Damian Wayne fan. That said… I am fascinated by the potential of this particular battle. We've seen the question of Batman vs Superman so often it's ridiculous. Batman is the ultimate tactician and given the chance to plan could like defeat just about anyone. Superman is godlike in his abilities but tends to hold himself back. Hence we see Batman winning a lot of these proposed battles.

But take it down to their kids. Damian was trained by the League of Assassins, he has the skill set and mental abilities of Batman with the moral compass of Ra's al Ghul. He will do whatever it takes to win, but with that he also has the arrogance to believe he will win no matter what. John is younger, still growing into his powers and we don't quite know how the human side will effect him overall. He's developed the strength, heat vision and breath powers, but what are his limitations? Is he vulnerable to Kryptonite like his dad?

John doesn't have the experience or killer instinct that Damian possess and I'd have to believe that for now the advantage goes to Robin. But as Superboy grows into his abilities, his human side could be the deciding factor that changes this from the standard Batman v Superman bout.

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