Superman Vs Doctor Fate – Might Against Magic

DC's weekly Versus series has hit on what may be one of the most interesting matches and one that I don't know if we've ever gotten to see. Superman vs Doctor Fate. Being a Kryptonian under a yellow sun gives Kal-El an enormous amount of power including super-strength, speed, flight, x-ray vision, heat ray eyes, cold breath, invulnerable skin and the list goes on. He's only known weakness is Kryptonite… except that isn't his only known weakness, it's just the most well known. Superman is vulnerable to magic and there aren't many more powerful magic users in the DCEU than one Doctor Fate and the Helmet of Nabu. Fate can control time, magnetic fields, teleport, heal, make constructs and energy beams… and his list goes on and on too.

This is a great match up and I know a lot of people would expect Superman to win because… well, because he's Superman. But in the end, Superman's main M.O. is to hit the bad guy and if he doesn't go down, hit him harder. He's not known for subtly or planning ahead. And there is something to be said about never giving up. But Doctor Fate's powers are based on things that can't easily be punched. It's like a checkers champion suddenly playing chess. The same reason why Batman wins so often against Superman. The Man of Steel is excellent at the game he knows how to play, but sometimes that's not the game that is being played.

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