It's Batman Vs Batman Beyond In Latest DC Versus

This week's Versus from DC pits the Bruce Wayne version of Batman against the Terry McGinnis version, or Batman Beyond. The Dark Knight of the future against the original Caped Crusader. Kind of an interesting choice in combatants as Bruce is also Terry's mentor. He taught Terry everything Terry knows, but I doubt Bruce taught him everything Bruce knows. Batman Beyond became popular enough as an animated series to bring the character into the comic universe and I'll admit, Terry is a cool character. But come on, we're talking about the OG Bats here.

Batman Beyond

McGinnis may have a futuristic suit with a stunning array of abilities and tricks, but we're talking about a guy who is so clever and cunning that he created a plan to take down his own teammates, a plan so thorough that someone else found it and used it… and the only person they couldn't take down with it was Batman himself. Bruce stands among the Gods and is considered an equal. Folks have regular conversations about Batman beating Superman, Do we really think that he can't take out some young kid in high-tech pajamas?

As much as I like Terry McGinnis, he is no more in Bruce's category than Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake or Damian Wayne. They will forever be the pupil while Burce will always be the Master.

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