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Fred Van Lente and Vincenzo Federici Launch New Jennifer Blood Series
After taking over from Declan Shalvey on DIE!Namite after the events of comicsgategate, Fred Van Lente launched its sequel for Dynamite, DIE!Namite Lives and is now launching a new Jennifer Blood series from Dynamite with artist Vincenzo Federici The series created by Garth Ennis and developed by Al Ewing hasn't seen publication for a few[...]
Red Sonja #20 cover by Babs Tarr
I like that the book has a sense of humor, but when the main plot is already a bit clichéd and flawed, poking fun at some of the details doesn't compel me to come along for the ride. Red Sonja #20 art by Carlos Gomez, Vincenzo Federici, and Mohan Carlos Gomez and Vincenzo Federici give a flowing[...]