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Transformers Dinobots Return to Form Volcanicus with Hasbro
It does not need there as all five Transformers Dinobots will combine together to form Volcanicus! The figure will come with the original packaging from Japans and unlike their original Power of the Primes 2 new magma blades and a new weapon for Grimlock are included. Dinobots Transformers fans will not want to miss out on[...]
Transformers TCG Rise of the Combiners Hits Stores Today! Open a Box With Us!
The five Combiner bots are Predaking, Volcanicus, Menasor, Superion, and Optimus Maximus Each is made up of 4-6 hinged bot card, with a really awesome design the cards fold in the middle for play in regular bot and alt modes during regular play This new set features 76 new battle cards, and 46 new Transformers[...]