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An Oral History of Deadwood: The Movie from Dan F**kin Dority (aka W Earl Brown)

An Oral History of 'Deadwood: The Movie' from Dan F**kin' Dority (aka W Earl Brown)

Today is the day! The continuation of David Milch-created Shakespearean Western series Deadwood by way of Deadwood: The Movie. 13 years ago, the series was unceremoniously cancelled before getting to end it's tale of the South Dakota mining town denizens. It felt, to fans and cast alike, that the camp candle had been snuffed far too soon for the […]

Deadwood: A Postscript Dispatch from the Thoroughfare

'Deadwood': A Postscript Dispatch from the Thoroughfare

One of our favorite things 'round these parts is discovering that someone who worked on a series/film that we loved loves it just as much. Like W. Earl Brown and Deadwood, which should surprise no one. Brown played Dan Dority on the HBO series across its three seasons, and is returning to the role of […]

W. Earl Brown Shares Lemmy Kilmister Memories on 3rd Anniversary of His Passing

W. Earl Brown Shares Lemmy Kilmister Memories on 3rd Anniversary of His Passing

This week in December is a hard one- so many loses across the last few years. December 28th 2018 marks the 3rd year since the passing of metal legend Lemmy Kilmister, and Deadwood's W. Earl Brown wanted to share some memories of his friend. In a post on Brown's Instagram, the actor reminisces on the first time he […]

Deadwood: Dispatches From The Thoroughfare Wu [Keone Young] Edition

'Deadwood': Dispatches From The Thoroughfare, Wu [Keone Young] Edition

Another day, another entry in the live-from-HBO's-Deadwood-movie set courtesy of one Mr. W. Earl Brown (aka Dan Dority). This time, fellow Deadwood alum Keone Young (Mr. Wu) shares his experiences from the set of the feature film, but via Brown's Instagram post: DISPATCHES FROM THE THOROUGHFARE: WU EDITION By Keone Young There are times in life when […]

Deadwood: W. Earl Brown Shares Dispatches from the Thoroughfare V

'Deadwood': W. Earl Brown Shares "Dispatches from the Thoroughfare V"

W. Earl Brown has been our best source of first-hand news about the upcoming Deadwood feature film, which we're grateful for. Not only is Brown a delightful person to follow on the social medias, he obviously loves his character Dan Dority from HBO's Deadwood just as much as we do. Also YES, Brown is in the movie. […]

W. Earl Brown With Another Deadwood Movie Update

W. Earl Brown With Another 'Deadwood' Movie Update

W. Earl Brown knows his way around the internet, and thankfully for fans of HBO series Deadwood, he shares updates with us about how production on the long-awaited film is going. Just today, Brown posted a lengthy set of tweets to his Twitter account titled "DISPATCHES FROM THE THOROUGHFARE", all about how things are progressing on the […]

Syfys Superstition To Meet All Your Afterlife Care Needs This Fall

Syfy's 'Superstition' To Meet All Your "Afterlife Care" Needs This Fall

Looks like SyFy's getting into the supernatural funeral business, announcing that principal photography had begun on Mario Van Peebles' Superstition, a supernatural drama series set in and around a southern funeral home. Currently filming in Georgia, Van Peebles will both star in and direct the 12-episode series for SyFy, with Netflix handling international broadcasting rights. […]