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Thought Bubble Friday
That sounds about right, yes?  After (unsuccessfully) badgering Chip Mosher last night in the bar to find out just what he is up to, he did share this e-mail with me, regarding the portfolio reviews which will now be shared between him, famed former Vertigo editor Will Dennis and current ComiXology bod, Bryce Gold. Thought Bubble[...]
D-Day For DC Comics Tomorrow
Tomorrow is the day when DC Comics staff working in the New York offices at 1700 Broadway will have to make a decision about what they'll be doing in April 2015. That is when DC Comics will move lock, stock, to the offices in Burbank, where an office has been waiting for them, empty, for a[...]
Will Dennis And Mark Doyle To Leave DC Comics/Vertigo
Will Dennis is Group Editor at DC Comics/Vertigo and Mark Doyle is an Editor there. I understand that both have decided not to move to the West Coast when DC Comics ups sticks from Manhattan to Burbank in April 2015. Recently responsible for publishing the likes of DC Vertigo publishing 100 Bullets, Scalped, DMZ, The Losers, American[...]