Will Wood

Review: Will Woods The Normal Album &#8211 Anything But And Better

Review: Will Wood's "The Normal Album" – Anything But, And Better

Avant-pop musician Will Wood is an artist of the highest caliber His previous albums, Everything Is A Lot and Self-Ish, show Will from a very different light than his latest release, The Normal Album However, the same sardonic bite can be seen in each of his tracks therein, showing that no matter how different the content Will Wood[...]

Even More Normal Interview Questions With Musician Will Wood

Even More "Normal" Interview Questions With Musician Will Wood

Hello there, and welcome to Part Two of our exclusive interview with musical artist Will Wood of Will Wood and the Tapeworms*! The band's newest album, entitled The Normal Album, will be releasing on July 10th, so in advance of that, we thought we would ask Will a few things and see what would come of[...]

A Perfectly Normal Interview With Musician Will Wood

A Perfectly "Normal" Interview With Musician Will Wood

Multitalented musician Will Wood has got a new album out on July 10th, and we here at Bleeding Cool have gotten the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with the artist himself We are very excited to bring this interview to readers today However, we spoke at such length that there's more material than can be[...]