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Peaky Blinders: Neil Maskell on Capturing Winston Churchill’s Essence
Winston Churchill is one of the UK's most iconic & revered historical figures As most are aware, his heroic exploits during World War II included rallying the country against the Nazis with his famous "Darkest Hour" speech BBC's Peaky Blinders focuses on a time during Churchill's younger years and his interactions with Tommy Shelby (played[...]
The Issue: Frank Reade and The Ghost of Churchill's Mom
Winston Churchill's mother Jennie Jerome is alluded to by name, although the story is more a reference to her father Leonard Jerome In real life, Leonard Jerome — a wealthy and powerful man whose influence nearly rivaled the Vanderbilts for a time — was an associate of both Buntline and Buffalo Bill himself. This is a[...]
Battlefield V
The phrase and sign were popularized by Winston Churchill and used amongst the allies for much of WWII It's also why we chose to use the Roman numeral V instead of the number 5 for the title. — Battlefield V (@Battlefield) May 28, 2018 Once the game was officially announced, many fans theorised that the[...]
Gary Oldman Darkest Hour
The accolaid-in-statue-form came for his stellar performance in Joe Wright's film, Darkest Hour. "Words and actions can change the world." #GoldenGlobes #GaryOldman #DarkestHour — Darkest Hour (@DarkestHour) January 8, 2018 Following a period of time from the beginning of Winston Churchill's appointment as Prime Minister to the Dunkirk operation Dynamo, Darkest Hour shows a very different Churchill than we've seen previously. [...]
Darkest Hour premiere
It's been a good year for period historical offerings. Christopher Nolan gave us Dunkirk, Netflix gave us The Crown, and director Joe Wright finishes the trifecta with Darkest Hour. Wright (Atonement, Hanna, Pan) has created a unique view of Winston Churchill, showing the larger-than-life Prime Minister as a man, husband, and one of the driving forces of the British people not[...]
winston churchill
A new trailer and poster has been released for period war drama Darkest Hour, which stars Gary Oldman as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the early days of World War II It centers on Churchill's response to the aggression of Adolf Hitler and the German army. In addition to Oldman, the film features Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, Stephen Dillane, and Kristin Scott Thomas[...]