Battlefield V Got its Name from Winston Churchill's V for Victory


In case you were wondering about the numbering madness that is the Battlefield series, after all, this latest game is V (the roman numeral for 5) but follows Battlefield 1. Which was itself the follow up to Battlefield 4. However, EA DICE has confirmed that the V in Battlefield V actually stems from Winston Chuchill's famous WWII "V for Victory" campaign.

As IGN reports, "a tweet from the Official Battlefield V Twitter has revealed that this name is more than just a style choice."

Once the game was officially announced, many fans theorised that the name is a reference to "V is for Victory," as the phrase and symbol were popularised by the Allies during the second World War. The symbol was a rallying sign for the beleagured cirizens of Europe, and gave the Allies a sign to rally under that was in direct opposition to the Nazi Swastika.

The sign was popularized as a hand gesture (the "peace" sign) by UK Prime Minster, Winston Churchill. It also influenced the post-war culture in identifying VE or "Victory in Europe Day." Because the sign is so heavily equated to the English, many fans are wondering how much of a role the UK will take in this new Battlefield game. Personally, I'm hoping we get briefings from Churchill between missions, but we'll have to wait for EA Play on June 9th for more information.

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