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How Wizard World Used To Market Themselves - In 2001
Wizard: The Guide To Comics magazine and its comic convention spinoff Wizard World have been a) insanely successful, b) repeatedly controversial and c) came to a sticky end At its height in the nineties, Wizard World Magazine was selling more than the comics it covered, matching sales with the likes of X-Men, WildCATS, and Batman[...]
Fan Expo sent us this photo of Jeff Goldblum to accompany the Wizard World press release for some reason, and we figured, hell, why not?
Fan Expo is taking over Wizard World's conventions, according to a press release that is careful not to say that Fan Expo has purchased Wizard World outright Six of Wizard World's top conventions will be rebranded as Fan Expo events in 2022, and a FAQ on Wizard World's website says more could be added in[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
It has also launched a series of 3D NFTs of exclusive items from the Wizard World Vault online marketplace compiled from 25 years of events, in addition to the 2D NFTs announced earlier this month This will include NFTs of full editions of comic books, collectible figurines, and double-sided cards. NFTWatch: Nick Percival's Bloodlines is intended[...]
The logo for Wizard World.
What do you do? Oh — one more thing: in attempting to understand the culture of this strange planet, you tune into the internet and the first communication you come across is a press release from Wizard World talking about how they are packaging old convention video with blockchain and selling it as collectibles with[...]
Wizard Magazine Returns To Celebrate Most Dangerous Comic Con ever
But the name continues in the Wizard World comic conventions – which also came to a shuttering halt in the pandemic shutdowns. Wizard Magazine Returns And so the returning Wizard Magazine #1 is mostly an ad for Wizard World and the online shopping channel, Wizard World Vault Edited by Victor Dandridge, as for now there is not[...]
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In a story that we must stress that we are absolutely not making up, beleaguered comic convention company Wizard World has announced plans to pivot their business model to selling jello shot machines to bars, restaurants, and hospitals as a result of the coronavirus pandemic The strange but, again, very real news comes via the[...]
Wizard World Puts Comic Cons Online, as Coronavirus Pandemic Hits Shows
Wizard Entertainment of the double-decade Wizard Worlds is to launch "Wizard World Virtual Experiences" just as WonderCon announced its postponement/cancellation, and in the wake of the cancelled ECCC, and potentially more to come. Launching later this month, fans will have the ability to purchase a personal one-minute video chat, :15- or :30-second personalized video recording, signed[...]
When Bleeding Cool Spoke to Rod Blagojevich at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago
In 2010, Bleeding Cool went to Wizard World Chicago Who, amidst the wrestlers, cosplayers and William Shatners, was a very unusual guest One Rod Blagojevich, who had been charged with misleading investigators looking into charges that he tried to sell Obama's vacated senate seat for personal profit But Chicago loved their ex-governor Rod Blagojevich and[...]
WizardWorld Crowdfund Investment - With VIP Priveleges
Wizard World, one of the longest-running comic book convention franchises, spinning as they did out of the famous Wizard Magazine: A Guide To Comics And now they are seeking investment from the public. With over $200 million in lifetime revenue, Wizard Entertainment is the largest fandom expo company in the industry, servicing a multitude of domestic[...]
Wizard World Chicago Swaps Comics for Celebrity Photos to Help ComicBooks For Kids
Wizard World Chicago is asking fans to bring child-appropriate graphic novels, comics, science fiction books, or any other similar reading materials to the show, being held on August 22nd to the 25th at Donald E Stephens Convention Center Center. All donations will be handed to ComicBooks For Kids!, an organisation that collects and donates comic book reading[...]
Ghostbusters Convention Coming to California on June 7-8
Ghostbusters fans can celebrate the 35th anniversary in a couple weeks with Ghostbusters Fan Fest, a two day extravaganza done in partnership with Ghost Corps, Wizard World, and Sony Pictures Cast members from all the films and animated series will be there, screenings, and more will take place, and more The convention will be held[...]
Sony to Create Wizard World: The Movie?
Sony and Wizard World are the latest companies to find themselves in the grip of passion, with a press release revealing the two companies are teaming up to develop new comic book based properties. At first glance, you might be thinking, there's just one problem here: Wizard World is known for comic conventions, not comic books[...]