Colleen Doran To Join Wizard World Hall Of Legends At Oklahoma City, As Long As It Doesn't Get Canceled

Colleen Doran will take her place amongst legends like Sir Robert Liefeld, Trina Robbins, and Jeff Smith as a recipient of the highest of Wizard World honors.

Colleen Doran To Join Wizard World Hall Of Legends At Oklahoma City, As Long As It Doesn't Get Canceled

Wizard World launched its Hall of Legends back in may, inducting superstar artist and comics luminary Rob Liefeld as its inaugural member. Since then, Trina Robbins, Jeff Smith, Mike GrellGuy Gilchrist, and Jerry Robinson have all been inducted as part of Wizard World's policy of choosing the most prestigious comic creator who happens to be in the vicinity of a given Wizard World convention at the time it's taking place.

"Colleen Doran has achieved so much in the world of comics, and we couldn't be more pleased to be honoring her in our Wizard World Hall of Legends," said John D. Maatta, Wizard World President and CEO, in a press release. "She has been one of the most popular artists at shows for decades."

Doran will be inducted at Wizard World Oklahoma City on October 27, provided the con actually happens. Wizard World has had a string of bad luck lately. The company has had some financial troubles in recent times, compounded by a legal battle with the Shamus family, who left Wizard World and later started their own new convention company, Ace Universe, which by the way is also what former CEO John Macaluso did with Fandemic. In June, Wizard canceled shows in Orlando and Albuquerque, and then postponed another five just this week, though they've promised to double their schedule in 2018, and hey, they're bringing the magazine back too.

So while there's a legitimate statistical chance that it might never happen, we do hope everything goes as planned.

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