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Kong Prepares for Battle With New Godzilla vs. Kong X-Plus Statue
A new one has arrived from X-Plus as he joins the Toho Large Kaiju series with a 10.6" tall statue showing off his battle ready pose The Godzilla vs Kong statue is highly detailed and shows off this great ape with his newly acquired Battle Axe X-Plus put a lot of quality into this piece[...]
Godzilla the Ride Collectibles Debuts from X-Plus and Sideshow
X-Plus and Sideshow Collectibles team up to bring collectors the Godzilla: The Ride statue that stands over 12″ tall and has a mighty length of 23″ from head-to-tail The PVC statue gives fans a brand new Godzilla to add to their collection with a design that is straight from the Japanese attraction This serious version[...]
Clash of the Titans Life-Size Bubo Collectible Coming from X-Plus
X-Plus is back with another incredible Ray Harryhausen Signature Collection, with this one coming to us from Clash of the Titans We return back to 1984 to this iconic film as the one and only Bubo is back with an entire 1:1 scale replica collectible This gift from the gods matches the original prop that[...]
Star Ace Toys Debuts Ray Harryhausen Stop Motion Kali Statue
X-Plus and Star Ace Toys are at it again as they bring the iconic work of Ray Harryhausen to life once more This time we are traveling back to 1973 to the film The Golden Voyage of Sinbad as the Goddess of Death, Kali arrives Standing just under 12" tall, this guardian is here to[...]
Godzilla King of the Monsters Gets A New Statue from X-Plus
X-Plus continues to impress Godzilla fans with there newest monstrous statue This statue will feature the newest appearance of Godzilla from Godzilla: King of the Monsters This is not small statue either as it clocks in at 10.5" tall and from comes in at nearly 19" wide He will be cast in simple PVC but[...]
There is a new Godzilla collectible in town as Star Ace Toys announces a new X-Plus statue This time we are getting a  statue based on the 2004 Godzilla: Final Wars film To capture the monster perfectly they used original molds from the man behind the monster Yuji Sakai The statue also a 3D remaster[...]
Godzilla 1993 Statue from X-Plus
This time X-Plus is bringing us back to 1993 to the film Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II with a statue that is here to rock your collection The team there has pulled this monster right off the screen with great detail He is posed with his mouth open, arms pushed out, and some beautiful piercing orange[...]
Godzilla Goes Mecha With New Figure from X-Plus
This time X-Plus is bringing another monster home as MechaGodzilla has arrived to try and take down this beast The Alien Robot Godzilla comes in at a massive size of 19" and is packed with glorious detail While the figures could be more labeled as a statue, it does feature some great up close details[...]