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Marvel Cancels Age Of Apocalypse And X-Treme X-Men In April
Two multidimensional comics are meeting their end in April, as part of the X-Termination crossover, David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre's Age Of Apocalypse with issue 14 and Greg Pak and Andre Aeujo's X-Treme X-Men with issue 13. Here are their final covers (and the cover to Astonishing X-Men that make up the trptych). Sorry folks[...]
Last Week's Comics In Thirty Four Panels
(ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #20) #XMENAWKWARDNESS I couldn't resist posting this entire hysteric back-and-forth from X-TREME X-MEN #7.1 as Dazzler and her team of dimensionally-challenged X-Men unknowingly returns to "our" Marvel U, in the wake of AVX It's the same unsettling feeling as Bendis' ALL-NEW X-MEN at 0.01% the word count. AWESOMEST MID-FLIGHT ACTION SEQUENCE IN AVENGERS HISTORY Lookitthem go![...]
Marvel Presents… A Very Gay Wolverine
In the recent X-Treme X-Men comic, featuring a team of X-Men from parallel dimensions, each of whose histories went a little askew, we discover the following scene; Man, that Hercules gets around Even in parallel dimensions. And Gay Wolverine Already a gay icon amongst many, and that was long before Hugh Jackman took his shirt off, I[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Wolverine & The X-Men, Axe Cop, X-Treme X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Prophet, The Manhattan Projects, Eternity, Justice League Dark, Crossed, Comedian, Debris, X-Treme X-Men, Avengers, And Hit-Girl
Even Grant Morrison could never cram so much madness into so little space… X-Treme X-Men does try to keep up with Axe Cop however, with a hundred disembodied heads of Charles Xavier from different dimensions teaming up with a Nightcrawler to save their world And in the process, dooming many others… As does Prophet, making his way[...]
Fear Agent, Hit Girl And X-Treme X-Men Dominate Advance Reorders
X-Treme X-Men suddenly seems to be bigger deal – look for both those comics to go to second printing very quickly. Whereas on the chart measuring reorders after comics have shipped, traditionally dominated by The Walking Dead it appears that the coming Dark Knight Rises movie is causing Batman books to sell out around the country,[...]
The X-Men Get Bedazzled
Quite a few eyebrows were raised last week when Marvel teased a new title called X-Treme X-Men, revealing no other info  What puts the X-Treme in X-Men? Well, Dazzler, for one thing  At WonderCon today, Marvel revealed that she would be one of the key characters of the title, along with alternate reality versions of Wolverine,[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: X-Treme X-Men
But X-Treme X-Men could be anything, and everything and anything is indeed being guessed at in the forum thread Perhaps we'll find out this weekend… Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Concept Art For The Happytime Murders, The Puppet Film Noir From The Hensons Henson Studios are getting back into feature films with The Happytime Murders, a kinda sorta Roger[...]
Marvel Launches X-Treme X-Men In July. Your Guess Is As Good As Ours.
X-Treme X-Men Haven't a clue… could it have anything to do with Chris Claremont's X-Men title that was cancelled some time ago? No idea Maybe I should go and ask him. Saturday, March 17th at the Talk To The Hat panel, 4:00PM PST. (UPDATE: Chris tells me that it's news to him… the only thing I do know[...]