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Dungeons & Dragons Issues a Statement on the Zak Smith Situation
This morning, Dungeons & Dragons issued a rare public statement following the abuse allegations of game designer Zak Smith If you're not already aware of the situation, several women came out last week with stories of sexual abuse and violence against women within the D&D and RPG community These stories bled into social media which[...]
Looking At Zak Smith's A Red & Pleasant Land
Flashes of originality are few and far between, and when they happen they stand out because they stand so far apart from everything else that you see in the gaming market. On the surface, Zak Smith's supplement from Lamentations of the Flame Princess may not look that original After all, Gary Gygax penned AD&D adventures inspired[...]
Artist And Game Designer Zak Smith Talks About A Red And Pleasant Land
By Christopher Helton Painter, writer and porn actor Zak Smith is a controversial figure in the tabletop roleplaying game communities, for some people just because he is a part of those communities Smith has his fans and detractors, but his contributions to tabletop gaming are irrefutable Between his long-running blog, D&D With Pornstars, (this site does[...]
This Is Why Tabletop RPG Fans Can't Have Nice Things
The review is still coming, this was just important to write about as well. Zak Smith is an artist who has worked in the porn industry (under the name of Zak Sabbath) and who plays Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, who happen to mostly work in some form of adult entertainment, and writes at a[...]