#2 The Umbrella Academy – Netflix: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool TV's Top 10 of 2020, as our look back at the best and brightest in broadcast, cable, streaming, and online television this year nears its end as we look at the series that took the #2 spot. This year, continue to recognize the extent to which Television stepped up in the face of a global pandemic while other mediums left their audiences to fend for themselves. Not Television. Television stepped up to make our lockdown times a little more sane- a bit more bearable. From live-streaming table reads to tweet-a-longs with shows' best and brightest offering fans new content to productions going into massive "bubble modes" to knock out as much content as possible. In 2020, Television proved once again what it's always been. A reflection of what we've been, who we are, and who we have the potential to be in the toughest of times. Created for the streaming service by Steve Blackman, developed by Jeremy Slater, and based on the comic book series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, Netflix's The Umbrella Academy proved to be exactly the kind of perfectly-dysfunctional-yet-somehow-still-functioning family we needed this year. Bleeding Cool's Jeremy Konrad explains why the Hargreeves siblings were deserving of the honor of being oh-so-close to the top spot:

#2 The Umbrella Academy - Netflix: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020 (Image: Netflix)
#2 The Umbrella Academy – Netflix: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020 (Image: Netflix)

"I really don't like 'The Umbrella Academy' comic. The art by Gabriel Bá is fantastic, but Gerard Way's writing is too all over the place for my liking. I went into the show thinking that there was no possible way they could take the chaos in those pages and make it coherent enough to make it an enjoyable viewing experience. Season 1 proved me wrong, and thankfully Season 2 from this past summer built on that- turning it into one of the finer shows on television," he explained.

For Konrad, what makes the series work the most are the folks serving as the Hargreeces' real-life counterparts. "All of this show's success is dependent upon its wonderful cast. Each offers layered and nuanced performances that simultaneously have you fist-pumping with delight and sobbing at the sadness of it all," he explained. "For me, the standout this season was David Castañeda as Diego. I didn't really care at all about him in the first season, but his story about saving the President and the confidence in his portrayal made his performance stand out in an ensemble of great ones. The kinetic energy of this story translates better to the screen off the page than I ever thought possible, and has me salivating at the prospect of a third season, especially with where 'The Umbrella Academy' leaves us by the end of the season finale."

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