AEW All Out Results: Joey Janela Defeats Serpentico on The Buy-In

AEW has been running various countdown and red carpet shows all afternoon leading up to tonight's All-Out PPV. At 7 PM, The Buy-In started, hosted by Tony Schiavone and Dasha, and consisting mostly of video packages about tonight's card and promos from the participants. But there was also a match.

Originally, Britt Baker vs. Big Swole in a Tooth and Nail match was supposed to be on the pre-show, but Tony Khan switched it up after there was some backlash saying that match should be on the main card. As a result, AEW added Private Party vs. The Dark Order at the last minute yesterday to take its place on The Buy-In. But the first match on the Buy-In is Joey Janela vs. Serpentico. Janela has Sonny Kiss at ringside, and Serpentico has Japanese deathmatch legend Luther.

Joey Janela faces Serpentico on the Buy-In Pre-show for AEW All Out 2020.
Joey Janela faces Serpentico on the Buy-In Pre-show for AEW All Out 2020.

AEW All Out Buy-In – Joey Janela vs. Serpentico

  • Janela comes in hot and goes after Serpentico at the start. They brawl outside.
  • But after Janela is distracted by Luther, Serpentico takes control.
  • And Serpentico keeps control for most of the match, with some occasional cheating from Luther whenever the ref is distracted.
  • Serpentico laid out Janela and went up top… then posed for a good thirty seconds. Then, instead of stomping Janela from the top rope, Serpentico jumped right to the mat and gave him a regular stomp.
  • That got Janela fired up but Serpentico took him out and then… went up top again.
  • This time, he went for a senton off the top and Janela got his knees up.
  • Janela made his comeback… but missed a moonsault off the top rope.
  • Janela and Serpentico battled on the top rope and Janela hit a fisherman's superplex… but it only got a two-count.
  • Serpentico distracts the ref again so Luther can interfere…
  • …but Sonny Kiss has seen enough. He clocks Luther and Janela hits him with a baseball slide.
  • Serpentico tries to take advantage but gets clocked himself.
  • Janela hits a top rope elbow drop to get the win.

I didn't even know this match was happening, so it was a pleasant surprise. It's good to see Janela get a win, and he really needed one after getting squashed by Chris Jericho on Dynamite. Stick with Bleeding COol tonight, as we'll be bringing you live results from AEW All Out after each match.

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