AEW Dynamite 7/1/20 Fyter Fest Part 2: Hey, Look! It's Trent's Mom!

We're one hour into Fyter Fest Night 1, the first night of a two-night special Dynamite event featuring PPV quality matches on free TV. So far, we've seen MJF and Wardlow take on Jurassic Express, Hikaru Shida defend her AEW Women's Championship against Penelope Ford, and the start of a TNT Championship defense by Cody Rhodes against Jake Hager. Read part one to catch up, and will join the match in progress.

The official logo for AEW Dynamite.
The official logo for AEW Dynamite.

Hager is in control of the match. After some back and forth, Hager gets a sleeper on Cody and holds it through a pin attempt, but Cody escapes with a stunner. Then he hits a springboard cutter from the top rope, and both men lay on the ground for a while. Cody takes control with some punches and a powerslam, but Hager kicks out at two. Hager get his feet up as Cody charges the corner and hits a Vader bomb on him for two. Cody hits a scorpion death drop for two. He heads to the top rope, but Hager runs up after him and armdrags him to the mat. Now Hager puts on the ankle lock. Will Cody tap out?

Hahaha no of course he won't. He makes it to the ropes, but while the ref's back is turned, Hager's wife slaps Cody in the face. Hager puts on the ankle lock again, but Dustin Rhodes runs out and punches Hager in the face. Cody goes for Crossroads, but Hager reverses to an arm triangle. Cody flips over and pins Hager with the triangle still on. Cody wins, but Hager thinks he won. When he learns differently, he knocks the ref out. All the other refs come running out to check on their fallen comrade as Hager leaves, and we get a video promo of Darby Allin. We get it. You're a skater. Dynamite goes to commercials again.

Back from break, Orange Cassidy heads to the commentary table, but he doesn't get a headset. He just sits down with his feet up on the desk as Jericho yells at him. Santana and Ortiz head to the ring now to fight Private Party. Santana and Isiah Kassidy start off, and Santana offers Kassidy a free shot, which he takes. Santana laughs it off. But he can't laugh off flippy shit, and that's what Private Party excels at it, and that's what we get a lot of. Jericho promotes another hashtag during the next commercial break. It's not a bad strategy to keep people from switching to NXT. We'll find out how well it works tomorrow when the ratings come out. Dynamite heads to commercials.

After commercials, the spotfest continues. Lots of insane moves. Lots of tandem offense. Lots of near falls. Marq Quen gets the pin on Santana off a Gin and Juice, as Ortiz is too late to make the save. It was a spotfest with pretty much no story, but it was a fun spotfest with no story. After the match, Kassidy tries to dance near the announce table, but Jericho chases him away. Jericho then tries to attack Orange Cassidy, perhaps experiencing an overload of C/Kassidies, but a bunch of referees and jobbers run out to prevent another bloody brawl like last week at risk of starting a coronavirus super spreader event. Jericho loses his mind screaming at Cassidy as Dynamite heads to commercials again.

Dasha Gonzales interviews Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Hangman says he loves Best Friends and they deserve a title shot. But when they're in the ring tonight, it doesn't matter what they deserve. Omega says they've defeated every tag team AEW has thrown at them, and this week will end no differently. Omega hits his catchphrases Dasha hands it back to the announcers, who run the card for next week's Fyter Fest part two. Jericho is gone, sadly.

It looks like Jon Moxley will fight Brian Cage in two weeks at another special edition of Dynamite, Fight for the Fallen, because Moxley has to quarantine for two weeks. Taz and Brian Cage come out. Taz says they just found out earlier today that the match is pushed back. Taz says he and Cage aren't upset because Moxley ducked out of the match next week. Taz says he talked to Tony Khan today, and Khan told him that Moxley is concerned for the health of everyone at AEW so that's why he's not coming. But Taz says Moxley has tested negative twice, so if he wanted to, he could come to work next week and get tested again. Taz says "we don't run a sloppy shop" at AEW, taking a shot at AEW. Taz says Moxley has a case of the "chickenshits." He's afraid of Cage because Cage is gonna beat his brains in and take the championship. Taz says Cage will win in two weeks. Commercials.

Trent's mom drops off the Best Friends in her minivan for the main event. She makes Trent give her a kiss before he heads to the ring. As Page and Omega come out, the announce team tells us to be sure to wear masks when we're out in public.

Page and Trent start the match off. Trent shrugs off some strength-testing shoulder tackles from Page, so Page cuts right to the chase and punches him in the face. Trent hits a suplex on Page and tags in Chuck Taylor. Taylor hits a suplex of his own and gets an early two-count. Trent tags in again, but Hangman takes out both men and tags in Omega. Omega and Page control the match for a bit. But while Hangman is beating on Trent, FTR head out with beach chairs and set up by the announce table. Dynamite takes what must be the final commercial break of the night. Picture-in-picture stays on, but honestly, who can pay attention to that little box? Granted, the little box on my TV today is bigger than the entire TV I had when I was a kid. But also, I didn't have a smartphone to distract me during commercials when I was a kid either.

Dynamite comes back just in time for Trent to make a comeback. Chuckie T gets the hot tag and takes the fight outside. In a sick spot, Trent throws Omega Taylor, who backdrops Omega onto Page, who is laying against the ring barrier. It looked brutal. In the ring, Omega is in control. He hits a fisherman's buster for a two-count, but Trent gets his knees up on a springboard moonsault and Best Friends take control again. Page breaks up a pin on Omega off a spike piledriver from Taylor. Omega fights back and snapdragons Taylor right into the corner, where Trent tags in and gets a snapdragon of his own. Page tags in and he and Kenny use teamwork. Page gets a two-count on Trent off a running knee from Omega.

Omega and Page set up Trent for Last Call, but Trent dodges and Best Friends hit Strong Zero on Page. Omega just barely makes the save on time, and the announcers point out that Hangman wouldn't have kicked out and Kenny saved the day. Omega goes for One-Winged Angel, but Taylor reverses into a powerbomb. Best Friends do the hug, but Page breaks it up. He hits a discus elbow on Trent, but Trent reverses a roll-up into a pin of his own for two. Page hits Deadeye for two, then hits the Buckshot Lariat and gets the pin. Wait, what? Really?

That was a weird ending. FTR come to the ring and offer beers to Page and Omega. They toast and drink… well, Page does. Omega dumps the beer out, which FTR takes as an insult. The Young Bucks run out before a fight can break out, but Page looks like he's on FTR's side. He's shouting at Kenny and the Bucks as Dynamite goes off the air. Well, they did give him beer.

Fyter Fest Night 1 delivered tonight. The show was a lot of fun and featured some great matches. I was caught off guard by Page winning the match the way he did, but now that I've processed it, I like it. It's nice when matches don't end the way you expect them to once in a while, and it looks like that ending, with Page getting the win on his own and then disagreeing with Kenny afterward, has reignited the tension between Omega and Page, which means their story might be leaving the holding pattern it's been in since the pandemic started. Well, I had a ton of fun, but the fun's not over yet because I've got NXT to recap now. Four hours of PPV-quality wrestling in one night? I can think of worse ways to spend a Wednesday.

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