AEW Selling Tickets for Bay Area Revolution, Dynamite, and Rampage

Tony Khan is spreading the evil of AEW from coast to coast these days. Not only is Khan holding an episode of Dynamite in Los Angeles in January, but in March, the AEW Revolution PPV is headed to San Francisco, along with episodes of Dynamite and Rampage. Tickets went on sale today, and while The Chadster isn't sure exactly what Tony Khan's scheme is, he's sure that whatever it is, it furthers Khan's goal of utterly RUINING THE CHADSTER'S LIFE!

AEW Selling Tickets for Bay Area Revolution, Dynamite, and Rampage

According to a press release, AEW is expanding their reach to the West Coast and Midwest in 2023, with San Francisco's iconic Chase Center hosting the AEW Revolution PPV in March. The week will also include episodes of AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage taking place at the historic Cow Palace. Tickets are now available for purchase at and AEW will also make market debuts in Seattle, Portland, Fresno, Lexington, Dayton, El Paso, Phoenix, Laredo, Sacramento, and London. Tony Khan is clearly up to something sinister! Why would he want to hold wrestling shows in all of these far away places if not for ulterior motives? The Chadster is watching you, Tony Khan! The Chadster will get to the bottom of this!

AEW Revolution will take place at the Chase Center in San Francisco on March 5th. Before that, the historic Cow Palace will host AEW Dynamite on March 1st and AEW Rampage on March 3rd. Tickets for these shows are also on sale now via and But The Chadster hopes that everyone reading this has the good sense not to buy them. Tony Khan already has billions of dollars, and if you give him more, he's just going to use them to make The Chadster miserable. Please! The Chasdter is begging you! Don't provide Tony Khan with even more resources!

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