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"AJ & The Queen": Friends, Bingers, Fellow Geeks! I Come Not to Bury RuPaul's Cancelled Netflix Series – But I Have a Question

Bad news to fans of the RuPaul-scripted drama/sitcom: Netflix has officially cancelled AJ & The Queen – which means no more adventures of Ruby Red (RuPaul) and her pint-size companion AJ (Izzy G). The show's first and only season struggled tonally and failed to capture any demographic. You would think that a RuPaul show would attract all the Drag Race stans, especially given all the drag guest stars, but it just wasn't meant to be.

AJ & The Queen
AJ & The Queen/Netflix

Creator and star "Mama Ru" tweeted the news over the weekend:

In case you were previously unaware of this ill-fated show, it's about a down-on-her-luck drag queen who goes on a road trip performing at clubs to try and earn enough money to open their own club. AJ, a plucky, sassy, street-smart kid, stows away and of course, hijinks ensue.

And by "hijinks", I mostly mean kind of depressing drama. The show may seem like a sitcom aimed at the enlightened family set, but it wasn't. It was a drama disguised as a sitcom, with a very dry and subtle sense of humor.

It's like it's written like a sitcom, but then nobody in production got that memo and it was treated from there on out like a drama. The acting was very over the top, and nothing quite felt like it matched.

It wasn't to my taste, in case you couldn't tell, but if you want to know more about what I think about its flaws and fabulousness, you can read my review of the series here.

Of course, Netflix closely guards their viewership and show statistics, but I'd be surprised if the show never quite found a broad enough demographic and failed to garner any sort of a rewatch value. Well, beyond the mandatory performance numbers in each episode – but those are on YouTube.

If you have seen it and don't agree with me – that's okay. I'm sorry for your loss, but with a full slate of RuPaul projects coming up, including an amazing season of Drag Race, his energies focused on more exciting shows isn't a bad thing at all.

But can I just ask a question I'm assuming was asked before, but it's the one we were alluding to at the start: RuPaul's own life story is more than deserving of a Netflix dramedy series – why hasn't that happened yet?

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