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Always Sunny, West Wing & More: 5 Thanksgiving Eps We're Thankful For

Thanksgiving isn't necessarily a loved holiday outside of the fact you get some delicious food and the opportunity to people watch your weird relatives. What does make this season so much fun is the episodes revolving around it that premiere year after year, with this year being especially needed. But what makes this day and age so much easier to live through, even in rough times, is the ability to stream old and new Thanksgiving episodes whenever one would like to. Below is a short collection of some of my favorite Thanksgiving-themed episodes for you to start with.

We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
Charlie receives a gift from the President on Thanksgiving. Source: NBC

The West Wing S2 E8 "Shibboleth": The comedic timing, flowing dialogue, and presentations of characters in this episode of The West Wing during their Thanksgiving-centered episode in the second season. Many stories intersect in a perfect way in this episode of the beloved and highly acclaimed TV series. From the mishap of turkey pardoning to the real issue of immigration and refugees facing a president, each topic is handled with heart and makes it very memorable for audiences 20 years later.

We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
Mickey, Linda, and Teddy saving the day. Source: FOX

Bob's Burgers S5 E4 "Dawn of The Peck": This Thanksgiving parody of Dawn of the Dead, that is this Bob's Burgers episode, is only a small portion of what makes this specific episode iconic. From Rudy's commentary to a moment of Donna Summer's music filling the air of the Belcher apartment with a tipsy Bob dancing around, each part of this half hour comedy helps distract any viewer from the craziness outside. Just watch it and thank me later.

We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
The gang has some special guests over for a meal. Source: FX

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S9 E10 "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs": An episode comparable to the ending of Seinfeld, filled with similar chaotic characters, this It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Thanksgiving was very much a proud moment for the series. The motives may be incredibly off and not pure in any sense, but the gang does an excellent job at making a holiday weird for everyone involved and to a hilarious point. I'll never forget a special prop…that eye patch, and if you know then you know.

We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
An old friend of the Geller siblings has some information to share. Source: NBC

Friends S8 E9 "The One With The Rumor": This episode of Friends will make you thankful that this holiday season may not be filled with reunions with old friends from high school or those odd family members. Still, it's entertaining to watch a hilarious chaotic mess of information come through the mouth of Brad Pitt's character in this favorite episode. Pitt's character is an old friend invited over for a Thanksgiving meal while in the city. What Rachel doesn't know is that her mean girl past is coming back to haunt her and Ross in an awkward meal to remember.

We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
The Gilmore ladies enjoy one of their many Thanksgiving meals. Source: Warner Bros.

Gilmore Girls S3 E9 "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving": Rory and her mother, Lorelai, navigate a busy Thanksgiving day by attending a variety of different meals in this episode of Gilmore Girls. And like any holiday meal, a point of realism is needed and that comes in the form of college applications for Rory unknown to her mother. This information comes out at a unique time towards the end of their turkey-filled journey and reminds us of the ups and downs of any holiday with loved ones.

I hope you enjoy any or all of these episodes you decide to view this season. These are a few select out of many Thanksgiving episodes out there in the TV world, but they're pretty great selections out of those. Let us know in the comments if any of these are your favorites or others you may enjoy as well!

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