Astrid & Lily Save The World: SYFY Unleashes Official Series Trailer

SYFY is bringing audiences a new monster-hunting duo with their original series Astrid & Lily Save The World. Before the January 26th premiere date, we're getting a closer look at the story and characters we'll witness in this relatable and funny sci-fi monster series.

Astrid & Lily Save The World: Official Trailer Unveils SYFY Series
Source: SYFY/ YouTube

In the series, two high school students/best friends, Astrid & Lily, played by Jana Morrison Samantha Aucoin, find themselves in hot water when they unknowingly open a portal allowing monsters through to their world. Coming along to both inform them of what they've done and to help get them started on fixing the portal is Brutus, played by Olivier Renaud, who acts as a guide or their "Giles" as he refers to himself when meeting them in the trailer.

Astrid & Lily Save The World: Official Trailer Unveils SYFY Series
Image: SYFY

With combinations of Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes mixed with the friendship you'd see in Shaun of the DeadAstrid & Lily Save The World unveils a series packed full of fun & crazy moments all in one trailer. As someone who is plus-sized, and dealt with that same amount of sass and subtle (yet not-so-subtle) fatphobia in high school, this SYFY series looks like an incredible example of seeing yourself on screen. When people say that representation matters, this is an example of what they mean. Campy elements & whole-hearted monster-hunting confidence invades the trailer at almost every point, and I am here for it all the way.

Not to mention, Astrid being ok with dying in the woods after witnessing Brutus and the moment where someone says they're freaked out by a monster but also turned on at the same time…no shame given here. I will not judge, because I can't say I'd act differently. Anyways, off the topic of sexy monsters, we turn to some vital information for those excited for Astrid & Lily Save The World. The new SYFY series premieres this month, on January 26th at 10/9c.

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