Asuka Is Missing Some Teeth and Could Be Missing Some WWE Time Too

If you caught WWE Raw last Monday night, then you saw WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka take a mouthful of a wild kick from Shayna Baszler, breaking or knocking out some of the champ's teeth in the process.  It was an ugly (and I'm sure painful) accident that required Asuka to have some immediate emergency dental work and now it appears it might require her to miss some time in the ring as well.  According to a report from Ringside News, the Empress of Tomorrow is being classified as injured by management and definitely won't be performing this week and possibly for the next few weeks to come.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka Could Be Missing Some Time
Raw Women's Champion Asuka getting kicked in the mouth and losing teeth, courtesy of WWE.

Gone are the days of Mick Foley getting tossed off of the Hell in a Cell cage and getting his tooth stuck in his nose (aww, precious memories) only to wrestle the next night on Raw (of the "Is War" variety at the time).  No, today's WWE is actually concerned about their wrestlers and their well-being, and when a move goes wrong and it causes a wrestler to have emergency dental surgery, they'll let them mark in a couple of sick days now.  And according to the report, that's just what Asuka will be doing.

Now even though she won't be wrestling, Asuka still might very well appear on Raw tonight in a non-fighting capacity.  You know, for one of those epic Asuka promos she's so famous for.  I don't know, but WWE does have a Fastlane PPV coming up on March 21 and I'd say it's a safe bet she will be defending her title at that event and maybe they will start building towards that tonight, albeit in a non-wrestling capacity.  We'll see!  And to see, tune in to the USA Network tonight at 8 pm to see what other body parts Asuka might lose.

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