Big E Claps Back at Booker T Over Singles Career Advice

Big E is refusing to bow down to King Booker. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Big E fired back at comments made by Booker T offering Big E advice for his singles push. Booker said Big E should be more serious, drop the New Day persona, change up his ring gear, and present himself like a world champion. But while Big E respects the six-time champion, he thinks he should mind his own business.

Big E taking his singles push seriously on WWE Smackdown.
Big E taking his singles push seriously on WWE Smackdown.

"If I were to come out a week later and you see me for five years pouring cereal on people's heads and log-rolling to the ring, and suddenly I'm serious, to me there's a vast disconnect," said Big E in the interview. "Like, what's changed? Because you're no longer doing tags, now you're a different person? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I think also it's about what makes me different, what makes me unique. We have guys that are taller than me and bigger than me. We have Bobby Lashley; you have your Brock Lesnar. We have these guys that can be serious and play that role well, and I don't want to ever be a lite version of anyone else."

"This is not a shot at Booker at all. I am so thoroughly entertained by his career, but this man had a world title around his waist as King Booker doing a faux English accent. You know I mean? Let's put things in perspective here," Booker continued, adding, "For me, it's going to be about telling a story that makes sense. It doesn't make sense to me to suddenly be serious."

So far, Big E has been having his pancakes and eating them too, getting some big wins in singles matches while still doing his thing. And honestly, would WWE Smackdown fans even want a world champion who wasn't willing to bend The Miz over his knee and give him a good spanking? Frankly, The Chadster is glad that Big E is staying true to himself.

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