Booker T Criticizes Big E Singles Push; Xavier Woods Responds

WWE Hall-of-Famer Booker T once again had some advice for a WWE superstar on the rise, and, once again, he's gotten a little pushback for it. Following his comments on the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag and Matt Riddle's footwear choices, Booker offered some advice for Big E on his most recent podcast. 411 Mania transcribed the comments.

Big E taking his singles push seriously on WWE Smackdown.
Big E taking his singles push seriously on WWE Smackdown.

"Big E. right now is looking to make a singles run," Booker said. "Xavier Woods, of course, he's finished. [laughs] Kofi Kingston's supposed to be out for six weeks … I think Big E is going to have to shed a few things in order for people to look at him like the world champion. And I don't know if his, you know, the gear maybe—some forms of the gear, the colors as well. But then again, people say 'Oh, well he shouldn't say anything. So I'm not gonna sit here and say, just because I don't want the internet going off or saying, 'Ah, Booker saying he needs to do this, just like Matt Riddle needs to put on a pair of boots.'"

"But I just think Big E still trying to be the New Day is not going to work for him, as far as him working at the top of the card," Big E continued. "I'm talking about being the main attraction. I'm talking about being the guy that the company has put in position to be the guy. I don't think that's gonna catapult him to that level as far as still trying to be the new day. And the thing is, you can't rehash something that you've been doing for so long and think that's what's going to take you to the next level."

Big E wrestled on Smackdown on Friday, and he didn't tone down the New Day gimmick at all. When a fan pointed out that Big E wasn't taking Booker's advice on Twitter, Xavier Woods clapped back." because doing what other people told us to do worked so well for us before we started doing what we wanted to do…." the future G4 host tweeted. "oh wait 🤣"

Which WWE superstar will Booker T offer unsolicited and ultimately unappreciated advice to next? Tune into Twitter to find out.

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