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Kurt Angle Definitely Won't Wrestle Again... Unless He Does

Defiant Matt Riddle to WWE Hall-of-Famer: I'm Not Gonna Wear Shoes

Riddle was interviewed by UK tabloid The Sun, where Riddle was asked about Booker T's recent comments suggesting Riddle stop going barefoot and put on a pair of wrestling boots Riddle wasn't having it.[caption id="attachment_1215569" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Matt Riddle WWE on Smackdown[/caption]"I don't know what's up with this guy," the shoeless superstar said[...]


AEW Champ Jon Moxley Makes Return to WWE – For 4 Seconds [VIDEO]

Because of travel restrictions, WWE Backstage hosts Renee Young, Booker T, and Xavier Woods ran this week's episode from their respective homes In the middle of discussing the upcoming RAW Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler (still) scheduled for WrestleMania 36 (as of this writing).During the conversation, the sound of a small[...]

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Shucky Ducky Quack Quack! Booker T to Return to Raw Commentary Team Again

Booker T will once again triumphantly return to the WWE Monday Night Raw commentary table next week, giving viewers a much-needed break from The Coach, WWE announced on Raw last night The most likely reason for Booker's return is that Coach is doing something for the Golf Channel, as was the case when Booker filled[...]

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WWE Downplays Hulk Hogan Appearance as Hulkster Denies Return, Brother

"You gotta try to make closure on everybody else’s behalf, not just yours."One prominent member of Henry's caucus, former Raw announcer, former world champion, and fellow Hall-of-Famer Booker T, has previously broken ranks and advocated for a Hogan return."Hulk Hogan made a mistake," Booker said in 2016 "Every man deserves a second chance[...]

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Booker T Says His Fake Feud With Corey Graves Proves Wrestling Is Still Alive

The feud between Booker T and Corey Graves is over, and as it turns out, shockingly it was all a work The feud started when Booker claimed on his radio show/podcast that Graves was the reason he was fired from the Raw commentary team and replaced by Jonathan Coachman Booker said that WWE officials were afraid[...]

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Booker T and Corey Graves Feud Blowoff Set for Podcast Tomorrow

The epic real-life feud between former WWE Raw announcer Booker T and current Raw and Smackdown announcer Corey Graves is set to come to a head tomorrow on Booker T's radio show and podcast Booker was replaced in his commentary role last month by a returning Jonathan Coachman, but according to Booker, it was all[...]

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Corey Graves Basically Admits He Got Booker T Fired from Raw Commentary Team

In a shocking twist following yesterday's accusations by former Monday Night Raw commentator Booker T that he lost his job because WWE was afraid he would beat up fellow announcer Corey Graves, Graves took to Twitter to make a post alluding to the controversy, implying that he did indeed cost Booker his job."I wouldn’t necessarily[...]

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Booker T Teases Royal Rumble Entry as Line Between Politics and Wrestling Blurs

Can you dig another politician stepping foot in the wrestling ring, suckaaaaa?! Booker T, retired pro wrestler, WWE Raw announcer, and Houston mayoral candidate is teasing a return to the wrestling ring at January's Royal Rumble PPV event.T joins other superstars who have successfully found a balance between pro wrestling and politics, including Knox County[...]

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#UnderSeige: As Smackdown Invades Raw, Booker T Trapped In Terrifying Time Loop

Wow."Those are the shocking words spoken by WWE Raw announcer Booker T after Kurt Angle was left standing alone in the ring following a 10 minute assault as the superstars from WWE Smackdown Live stormed the locker room at Monday Night Raw, beating down any Raw employees they encountered Hells, faces, none of it mattered,[...]

WWE Responds To "Inappropriate" Use Of N-Word During LaVar Ball Segment On RAW

Last night on WWE Monday Night RAW, LaVar Ball and his sons Lonzo and LaMelo were guests on The Miz's Miz TV interview segment. The appearance was great for publicity for WWE, garnering lots of mainstream media coverage, something WWE greatly covets. "We wants it. We needs it," WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was once heard to […]

Be A Star: WWE Hall-Of-Famer Booker T Stands Up Against Bullying… Of JBL By The Internet

WWE Hall-of-Famer, Houston mayoral candidate, and RAW commentator for the next six weeks Booker T took to his Heated Conversations radio show to address the situation wherein Smackdown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo has seemingly left WWE, allegedly due to bullying by fellow commentator John Bradshaw Layfield The situation recently resulted in chants demanding that JBL[...]

WWE Star Booker T Hasn't Chosen Party For Mayoral Run, Praises Donald Trump

Retired pro wrestler and 2020 Houston mayoral candidate Booker T hasn't yet decided which party he'll run under, according to an appearance on the podcast of former WCW head Eric Bischoff as transcribed by 411 Wrestling Talking about choosing a party, the five time.. five time.. five time.. five time.. five time.. oh wait, it's[...]

Booker T Calls For Forgiveness For Hulk Hogan, WWE Return

Retired pro wrestler and 2020 Houston mayoral candidate Booker T was accosted by TMZ recently and asked his thoughts on a rumored return of Hulk Hogan to the WWE.Hogan was fired from the organization after leaked audio from a sex tape revealed him making some extremely racist remarks: I don’t know if Brooke was f***ing the[...]

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Is Now A Cop

In Houston, Texas, former world champion Booker T recently announced his intentions to run for mayor in 2020, while Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has expressed interest in a 2020 presidential campaign.It's probably too early to call this a full blown coup, but it's worth keeping an eye on this story, as authority storylines in pro[...]

WWE Star Booker T Is Running For Mayor Of Houston; Can You Dig That, Suckaaaaaaaa?

Tell us he didn't just say that!Retired professional wrestler Booker T has announced plans to run for mayor of Houston in 2020. five time.. five time.. five time.. five time.. five time.. WCW world champion and one time WWE champion, the first non-mixed-race African American to achieve that honor, Booker T was an active wrestler for[...]