Blood and Guts Match Set for May 5th, Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle

Last night on AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle challenged MJF's The Pinnacle to a Blood and Guts match, set to take place on May 5th. The term Blood and Guts was originally used derisively (and hypocritically) by Vince McMahon to describe AEW, and the company decided to embrace it. The match is over a year in the making, as the original Blood and Guts match was booked for March 25th, 2020, at a sold-out Prudential Center in Newark. That, of course, was before the coronavirus pandemic struck and shut down the entire country for over a year. But now, with things opening back up, it looks like the match is back on, which means…

Chris Jericho tempts fate by announcing another Blood and Guts match on AEW Dynamite.
Chris Jericho tempts fate by announcing another Blood and Guts match on AEW Dynamite.

"We got a beatdown from the Pinnacle and after that we realized we made a lot of bad decisions," said Jericho in his promo on AEW Dynamite last night, as transcribed by AEW. "But those decisions were made by MJF. I brought him into the Inner Circle to keep him under my thumb because I know how dangerous he is. We had it perfectly planned. We knew eventually he'd show his true colors. But we got outsmarted by him. He's only 25 years old but he's at the Pinnacle. The problem is you don't want to wait, MJF. You want to be better than the G.O.A.T. Chris Jericho now. You're not as good as you think you are Max. I see you listening to the critics and the fans online. We call that being a mark. You'll never be better than Chris Jericho and you know it. That's causing your brain to ferment and to sour. Look at the men you're surrounding yourself with. We're going to turn the Pinnacle into a human centipede. You want blood? You'll get it on May 5th in a 'Blood & Guts!' Match!"

No, Jericho, no! What are you thinking?! The last time one of these matches was booked, the pandemic happened! What the hell is going to happen this time? Nuclear destruction of the planet?! Well, it was nice knowing all of you.

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